About Our Team

Marsha Ward is the Founder of American Night Writers Association. She is a writer and novelist who grew up with a love of American values that are reflected in her body of work. Her historical novels in "The Owen Family Saga" are Gone for a Soldier, The Man from Shenandoah, Ride to Raton, Trail of Storms, and Spinster's Folly, all available in print from her website, at WestWardBooks.com, from online booksellers such as BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com; and in ebook formats at Smashwords.com as well as the booksellers above.

Susan Allred says, "Writing is in my blood. One sister teaches English, and my parents wrote mystery games for 20 years until I inherited the family business.

A couple years ago my sister told me about NaNoWriMo. She challenged me to write a novel and I accepted. Three days later she quit the challenge and I was on my own. I wrote a book about my daughter, then spent the next two years learning what it means to be a writer. Now I'm into my third book.

Writing has become a labor of love - an obsession. It's almost as therapeutic as chocolate. Almost."

Deb Graham says, "I currently live in Western Washington, where the rainy weather makes me want to travel! I've explored all fifty US states and beyond, and I could be packed and ready to go again in minutes. It's a genetic trait; the women in my family for generations have loved to travel. We call it the 'gypsy gene.' I really am married to the Cruise Addict, and we have at least four cruises scheduled at any given time."

Deb writes nonfiction books about cruising and other helpful topics, as well as mysteries and romances set on cruise ships.

Kari Pike and her incredible husband of thirty-something years are the parents of nine children, and grandparents to nineteen and counting. Born and raised in the mountains of northern Idaho and western Montana, she later learned how to bloom in the deserts of Arizona. Along with a degree from Brigham Young University in Family Studies, Kari is also a certified doula and childbirth educator. Kari loves to write about children, food (especially chocolate), and being a mom.

A member of American Night Writers Association for nearly 20 years, Kari has discovered a love for editing, freelance copywriting, and blogging. She has contributed to the ANWA Founders and Friends Blog since its beginning almost ten years ago, and serves as the managing editor for Gospel Ideals International.

Terri Wagner works for a county school district in Alabama in digital support, was the editorial manager for Elevator World, Inc., and is a former reporter. She has a BA degree from the University of Alabama in History, and is an avid supporter of the Crimson Tide. Terri has also been on our blog team from the beginning.

Cindy R. Williams is the author of the double award winning children's picture book, Chase McKay Didn't Get Up Today. She is also published in Values Stories for a Young Woman. Cindy lives in magical worlds and visits this world now and again in her earthly character of wife, mother of five, writer and harpist. A BYU graduate in Communications; Public Relations and Broadcast News, Cindy began life as a mermaid and grew up to be a faerie. Her current life goal is to make it to the back end of life in one piece, or at least with most of her pieces, along with reaching her potential.