Dec 12, 2017

Between a Rock and A Hard Place

by Terri Wagner

Appropriately enough our Gospel Doctrine lesson was on being a good citizen. In case you've been writing or hiding, you should know Alabama is voting on a new senator. We have quite the brouhaha here over our two candidates. While the lesson suggested you mention local elections, I did not want to get into a big discussion on this one. So I carefully read the riot act: vote, be active, run for office...and left it there. I did suggest they check the platforms of the people running for office, and prayerfully consider who to vote for. That's been tough here. How do you reconcile conflicting stories from 40 years ago...I have literally run from anyone trying to pin down who I intend to vote for while I considered and reconsidered. In the end, I made a decision based on as much fact (from fiction) as I could and prayed about my decision. And I still have no clear idea if I am making the right decision. I hope I am not wrong. I hope my vote counts, and the one I'm voting for wins, and proves to be what we need. So I'm signing off now to go vote.

1 comment:

  1. Tough decision indeed. I wish I knew how to sift through the fact/fiction stuff while trying to make wise choices about government leaders. Lots of praying going on over here, too. hugs~


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