Jun 28, 2013

This and That

by Marsha Ward

You know, a couple of days ago, I had a notion of what I would write about when it came to be my turn again. I should have written it down, because now that the duty is upon me, the inspiration has flown!

Therefore, I'll offer you a few random observations on life around me just now:

Second-hand smoke is horrible.

Headaches aren't far behind.

Introverts need space and solitude to function well. Large crowds exhaust their energy. Yes, I'm talking about me.

I had the opportunity Wednesday night to sleep for as long as I needed to, and I took it--all 14 hours of it!

What does one say to an assemblage of non-LDS writers about how to put LDS themes into their writing? I guess I'll find out today! I hope I have enough material to fill seven to ten minutes. If not, it's going to be a short panel.

Friendship is precious.

I can no longer write with company present as I used to do. But in those days, the company was children, usually engaged in their own pursuits. Today's company is an adult.

Personnel changes are upon us again here on the ANWA Founder & Friends Blog, so keep your eyes open for new bloggers, and possibly, established bloggers shifting to new days. The future will be exciting for you and fun for us.

See you later!

Jun 27, 2013

It's all about love

by Kari Diane Pike

I've spent the last three hours typing and deleting, typing and deleting, typing...well, you get it. I'm at the summer ANWA retreat and there is so much going through my head right now, I keep writing in circles. I think I need to just share a couple of thoughts that came to me yesterday, during the drive up to Show Low and after a tour of James Artimus Owens' studio in Taylor, AZ.

Life isn't about being better than others. It isn't about making other people feel smaller in order to make yourself feel bigger. The Savior lived a life of love and compassion and service. Life is about learning how to emulate the Savior: learning who we are and why we are here. Life is about allowing the Savior to help us be better than we can be by ourselves, and then doing all we can to help others be more than they can be on their own.

It is impossible for me, by myself, to do everything that I am asked. But if I invite the Savior to be with me, to walk with me -- with the power He brings, I can do hard things. Not only that, but my faithfulness can be a blessing to all of my family.

It's all about the love. 


Jun 22, 2013

Poem by the one and only ANNA LAURENE ARNETT

 by Cindy R. Williams


by Anna Laurene Arnett

You are unique, and I am, too.
None else can think quite like we do.
We each have talent that grows as we us it,
but if it lies latent the whole world will lose it.

Since nobody else in this great human race
can duplicate you, or fill your place,
if your talent uplifts, make it your vocation.
If degrading's your gift, please, take a vacation.

Permission granted by Anna Laurene Arnett

Jun 21, 2013

Queen to Bee

By Beckie Carlson

I bought a new car this week. I loved my old one, only four years old, but the warranty was nearing its end and you know what that means. They set these cars up with an internal timer of sorts that starts the self-destruct sequence the day the warranty runs out. I'm no dummy. My warranty was good for 95,000 miles. I took the car in to trade at 94,531 miles, and in desperate need of an oil change. The oil change was the real catalyst. I wasn't going to put more oil in a car I was trading in.
I'm still in the van gang. I wanted to up/down grade to a mini SUV or coupe, but with the number of people living in my home at the present time that just isn't feasible. True, I end up driving the van with only me or one other person the majority of the time, but now and then the others consent to an outing and we are full.
I "had" to take the new car (unnamed still) into the shop to get some work done yesterday. Nothing serious, just the remote start (super cool!) and that sunroof lip hoohah thingy. I left it there all morning and decided to let the shuttle come pick me up to retrieve it. I don't usually go with the shuttle ride because those drivers make me sick. For some reason, I decided to take a chance yesterday.
The driver was a very nice guy. He was a retired police officer. I enjoyed talking to him and asking him if his U-turns were truly legal. His reply, which I shall forever quote, was "there wasn't a sign saying I couldn't do it so yes, it's legal." Works for me!  We hunted around a bit looking for our next rider, doing a couple of his "completely legal U-turns" before finding him. The rider had instructed the shuttle guy to pick him up by a lonely water tower beside the road. I couldn't help but think about my teenagers saying things like that. I'm sure their excuse is that they don't want me knowing where their friends live....for fear I will start hanging out with them and squash their coolness...?  The driver and I were both a bit skeptical when we finally saw a person emmerge from a building behind the water tower. He was a normal looking adult male, except for the huge white jump suit he was wearing. He kind of looked like a deflated Michelin Man. I bit my tongue and made pleasantries when he got in the car. He stunk. Sorry, but there was a very strong "aroma" about him that really went to my head. (not in a good way)
Possibly because of his tactful training as a policeman, our driver sweetly asked the new fellow "don't you have a home?" Our new guest, I'll call him Dan, replied he did indeed have a home but he was at work at the BeeFarm.  Now, I don't know about you, but that is not even an answer that is on my list of possibilities when meeting a new person. Doctor, lawyer, teacher, construction worker, even engineer would have been my options, but 'beekeeper?' No, I was surprised. Our new passenger was suddenly Mr. Interesting.
All the questions you may have about bees were suddenly being hurled towards Dan. Being the obviously patient person he was (a requirement for beekeepers) he calmly answered all our questions. I feel I have been pretty educated in the world of bees now. It was a very cool ride. Here are some of the things I learned.
The queen bee is twice the size of the other bees and she was 'engineered' by the drones. Yes, that's right. The drones MADE her. When they feel they need a new queen, they get together and do their thing and make one. The old queen senses something and usually flies the coup. Why you ask? Because when the new queen is born, she hunts down the old queen and kills her. Sounds vaguely "old English" doesn't it?
The queen doesn't sting, except other queens, because when a bee stings, its barbed stinger stays in what it stings. When the bee pulls away after stinging, the stinger pulls off along with all the bees internal organs. This could be a real downer for a queen that is supposed to be having tons of baby bees. As we know, a queen that can't reproduce needs to watch their back.
This is also why bees bump into you before they sting you. They really don't want to sting you....can you blame them? But if you get close to their territory, they will protect their hive and young. Dan told us a story of a rancher that decided not to pay for his bee removal serves and instead let a hive of bees grow on his land grow. The ranchers horse got a little close to the hive and the bees killed him. Not the way I dream of leaving this world. Sounds very unpleasant. The rancher should have sucked it up and hired Dan to come do his thing.
That brings up the next thing. There are guys like Dan that you can call and get bees removed from your property. The driver told us he had gone on a vacation a while back and when he returned he heard a strange humming/buzzing sound coming from his sprinkler valve box. He saw a few bees flying in and out and assumed he had a hive in the box. Instead of paying for help, he put a 2 x 4 over the opening and left it for a while. After not hearing the humming/buzzing for about three days he opened it up. The box was full of dead bees and "a ton" of honeycomb and honey. I would have thought "score!" cuz honey is darn expensive, but our driver just rejoiced in the dead bees and threw it all in the trash. What a waste.
So, the next time you hear buzzing, you may be sitting on a golden honey mine. You are allowed to have bee hives...unless you have an HOA. Although...if you name them all and consider them pets, you could probably get away with it. I'm going to start thinking of names, just in case I get lucky. Dan says I will only need about 60,000.....I can do that.....cause I said so.

Photo credit: http://www.alt-ana.com/queen-bees-and-queen-ants/

Jun 20, 2013

The Irony of Caregiving

By Susan Knight
So, the day I got my cast off, Number One Son tells me the news he has been saving up until my recuperation looked optimistic.
“Mom, I’m moving out at the end of the month.”
Ever since my divorce, and my move to Utah, this sweet man has felt obligated to look after me. He has been my protector since he was a young teenager and has had that role for many years now.
When the lease was up on his apartment, and a few months after I bought my house, Number One decided he should live with me—for a few months. I was just getting used to living on my own, but I welcomed him.
A few months later I stood on a wobbly ladder that collapsed and fell, mangling my ankle. A wonderful caregiver, my son took days off of work to take care of me, take me to doctor’s appointments, make my meals, and even drive me to work when I could first go back after surgery.
"Mom, you took care of me when I was a kid," was all he said when I thanked him.
My oldest has come full circle with me as I convalesce from a second surgery on my ankle.
It’s about time he gets out on his own. He needs to live his life and not fret about me. Since I am his mother, I will always worry about him, but that’s beside the point.
 “Good luck. Remember who you are,” I said to him with trepidation when he told me the news of his move. I told myself, "He's a grown man. What are you so worried about?"
 "I'll only be a few miles down the road," he assured me. "We'll still have Sunday dinners together."
 My son is setting me free and I am letting him go. It's good to see he is easing back on his concern.
After all, my youngest daughter and her husband have moved in.

Jun 19, 2013

What I did

by Kami Cornwall

So I found myself with four hours to kill in Spokane today. All. By. My. Self.  I KNOW! It's a long story that would leave you snoring, or at the very least, wondering about what the latest recipe on Pinterest is and you'd close my story. BUT! I'll tell you what I did.

Okay, first I have to admit I called my husband on my cell which went something like:
Me: Hi! So...I dropped the girls off but they won't be done until sometime between 1:00 and 2:00.
Him: Wait...now it might be 2:00?
Me: I know. Anyway, what should I do? Do you need me to pick up anything while I'm here? It's only 9:30.
Him: Not really. Why don't you just go hang out at the mall?
Me: 'Cause I'm not fifteen anymore. Um...yeah...I could do that.
Him: You could always catch a movie.
Me: True. (But how sad would that be? Watching a movie alone? Isn't that what losers do?)

Okay, so I went to the mall. And can I just say...that 9:30a.m. is a COOL time to go! People are cleaning, the escalators are frozen, and all of the shops look like they're posh jail cells. I bought a ticket to Star Trek (because I'm a fan and it's going to leave the theatres soon) but I felt GROSSLY guilty that I was going to see it without my other half. I got over it though.

Also? I totally went all girly and tried on some shirts at Down East Outfitters and bought some...and then got some kickin' earrings at another shop to match. And because I never buy things for myself, I texted my hubby to tell him of my conquest and he congratulated me. I know...we're weird. But to be fair, I usually talk myself out of buying new clothes. It's a disorder I think. Maybe not recognized officially by the APA but still...It's my affliction. Don't judge me.

I was thinking as I sat down to watch my movie that it would be SO NICE not to have my kids sitting there poking me, trying to talk to me through the movie, and needing to leave in the middle of some pivotal part to go potty...but then that small diet Coke (HUGE, by the way) seized my bladder, started punching it, and in order to refrain from exploding in the theatre, I actually had to excuse myself and run to the rest room. I think that's a sign of old age....and maybe a lack of caffeine tolerance.

The best part of the day was definitely coming home to my boys (who I was away from far longer than I had anticipated) who were doing JUST FINE all by themselves. Tomorrow I think I'll take them to see a movie.

I leave you with this random photo I found when I looked up "shopping" on Pinterest. Because it made me laugh out loud. Enjoy.

Jun 18, 2013

Have I Come to the End?

by Terri Wagner

One of my favorite commercials on TV was the guy who got the message "you have reached the end of the Internet." He stands there awed! Sometimes I think we all reach a point where we realize it really is the end. I don't mean the end of life or love or anything quite that dramatic...we just reach an end.

Probably my first "end" was turning 10. After all, you are now double digits and with rare exceptions probably will not reach triple digits. That was a big moment to me. Suddenly I was older. It was the end of single digit birthdays.

The next end was 13. Now I am a teenager. That had interesting possibilities. By the end of teenagehood, I will have gotten a driver's liscense, graduated high school, be in college, may be married, wow, that's a lot before I hit 20.

The next big end for me was 40. Suprisingly, 30 was not such a big deal for me. But 40 was old. I mean really old. Now that I am in my 50s, I am not sure why that was a big deal either. I only know I would rather go back to 20, ha.

The end of job. When I got laid off two years ago I never dreamed I would still be looking two years later. I had no idea that things would be so hard and so discouraging. I have really had to work to overcome feelings of hostility toward a former boss, feelings of regret since it was my dream job, feelings of discouragement as it looks like this job search will never ever really end.

The end of a writing project. Sometimes we are so focused on getting the writing and editing and publishing done, we forget there is an end. A moment where you know inside stick a fork in it, trust me it is done!

So when you reach the end of something, take a moment like the man in the commercial to stand amazed that the end has come.

Jun 13, 2013

Who Are You?

by Kari Diane Pike

Every six months or so, those of us who blog for ANWA Founder & Friends are given the opportunity to either renew our commitment to write here or to step back and allow someone else to fill our slot. If we didn't have so many empty slots right now, I would feel guilty for not giving up mine after so many years. Yeah, I'm an old timer here. And there are times when I question if what I have to say really has any value to anyone besides me...because I learn something new about myself with every post.

I think I've lost touch with the audience here. The dynamics have been changing at an every increasing rate. Don't get me wrong. It's a good thing! But it's important for me to know who is reading this and what it is you are hoping to find. Those questions are ones that every writer needs to answer before setting pen to paper or...errr...fingers to the keyboard or voice to the microphone.

My ANWA chapter has even been discussing how the theme of every novel ever written can be narrowed down to that one specific question of "Who am I?". Let that thought swish around in your brain for a few minutes while I continue (and I'll bet my first born that the Les Miserables Jean Valjean theme song is already stuck in you head...hehehe.) Stick with me here.

I'm just about finished with a psychology of personality class. For my final paper, I have to express my opinion on the very same question of "Who am I?". Here is my introduction:

Who am I? Why am I here? What happens after I die? Throughout the ages, philosophers and scientists alike have searched for and debated on the answers to those fundamental questions of personality. My own opinion about who I am and why I am here has been shaped and influenced by life experiences, secular education, the observation of other people, continuous religious study and that immeasurable spiritual element that makes me, me. Based on five basic philosophical assumptions of freedom vs. determinism, heredity vs. environment, proactivity vs. reactivity, and optimism vs. pessimism [Barbara Engler. (2009). Personality Theories, Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, USA, pg.12], I believe that I am a child of God – a unique spiritual being sent on a physical journey meant to teach me how to actively choose and create what I want to become, not only in this life, but in the life to come (Doctrine & Covenants 76).

While I share that divine, creative nature with every other human being, I have been endowed with gifts and attributes that make me one of a kind. I can act on my own initiative, or I can choose to let things happen to me. Either way, I am always making a choice. As I take responsibility for my choices, I increase my ability to change the way I think, act and feel. The choices I make now affect the choices available to me in the future.

If you're still with me, thank you. The point I think I'm trying to reach is to determine where I fit, not only in God's kingdom, but on a more specific scale --  in the world of blogging and writing. I want to realize and unlock the potential inside me and see myself, and others, as Heavenly Father sees us. I want to help others realize the potential inside of them! No one is destined to fail. Everyone is needed. I feel like this ship we are sailing has raised all the danger flags and sent out a call for all hands on deck. We are fighting a war and as fellow citizens in the household of God, we all have the call to serve each other and render the best that we have (Ephesian 2:19; Corinthians 12).

For me, that means accepting opportunities to increase my knowledge and to develop and practice new skills and talents -- no matter how terrified I might be! Over the past few months, I have been taking risks here and there -- opening doors that, in the past, I have been afraid to look behind -- and discovering things about myself I never thought possible.  Then I remember: With God, nothing is impossible. He loves us more than our mortal beings can comprehend and He has greater gifts than we can possibly imagine in store for us.

A number of months ago, I took a risk and accepted the opportunity to learn how to edit some SEO articles. I am now being handed the reins to take over as the managing editor of the www.gospelideals.org website. I took another risk and committed to giving a presentation in October on how to write copy. I now have two other opportunities to practice that presentation and share the knowledge that others have so graciously given to me. Every position I have accepted (despite the moments of sheer panic) has prepared me for greater things.

I dont' know where all these new adventures are leading me. But that's okay, because I know who I am. I know God's plan, and -- just like that Primary song says -- "I'll follow Him in faith."

Do you know who you are?


Jun 8, 2013

Writers are Inventors and Re-inventors

by Cindy R. Williams

Writers are inventors. As we write, we invent something new. A book or story that never existed before for others to read. We are also re-inventors of ourselves. We cycle with the seasons of life. By the time you have lived for a half a century--an eerie shiver at the reality of this benchmark just ran through me--you will have lived many rolls in your life.

Walking down memory lane of my first half century I found that I began life as a mermaid, and am now a fairy. Weird but quite true none the less. Follow me here . . . my dad was a P.E. Coach and also managed our local swimming pool. We grew up in the water and often played mermaids.

My childhood home and both my grandparents homes were magical. I lived a life surrounded by lilac bushes and huge peach, pear and apple orchards with a meandering brook and fairy paths over bridges. There was even a Victorian home with goblins living in the cellars. I was an avid reader of fairy tales, including; Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm and L. Wizard of Oz series by Frank Baum. I found myself inside the books like Madeleine L'Engle's "Wrinkle in Time" and Amanda Cockrell's "Shadow Castle". Each of these stories became a real part of my conscious world by day and my dreams by night. By the time I grew up and was ready to have children of my own, I was officially a fairy.

I'm now beginning my second century, and as such, all my experiences are coming full circle and combining with my gifts and talents in my many rolls as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, new grandmother, friend, teacher, writer, musician, mermaid, fairy.

Three months ago, I woke up with a new idea of who I am and how it is time to combine all these things I love and do into one great purpose. I am reinventing myself once again. I can't share with you what it is yet until much of the writing, scripts and production has begun, but I can tell you that I have been inspired to take this next step, this leap of faith, and I will soon be flying on the back of a dragon.

Jun 7, 2013

Well butter my....


 By Beckie Carlson

 I have reached that fun age when I can't eat whatever I want anymore. You know, where milk duds really are 'duds' and Rocky Road ice cream leaves a rocky road around your middle? I don't think it is fair or fun. The biggest annoyance is that the craving for these items has not gone away. My body still thinks it is twenty two and cries for candy. It's like a dang two year old sometimes....just take a nap already!
The funny thing is, when I do break down and have some sugary goodness, I fall asleep. Remember how kids get crazy hyper and run around like maniacs when we give them sugar? Not me, I seriously fall asleep.
The biggest problem with my wanting sugar and not being able to eat it comes from the fact that it causes me actual, physical pain when I eat it. I don't know what's wrong with me, but my body cries out in a larger than normal scream when I eat junk. You might think this makes it easy to avoid said bad foods, but I still eat them at times.
It makes me feel a little more pity for those people that are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol and such. As outsiders, we may look at them and think they are stupid or weak or possessed by a masochistic demon. But now that I am somewhat in their shoes...I kind of get it. The first time my doctor said I should avoid cheese because it was causing me pain, I should have said ok! no more cheese! Unfortunately, what I did say was....I'll try drinking peppermint tea after eating my super cheesy nachos and maybe that will help. It didn't. I've tried everything short of giving up cheese to avoid the pain cheese causes me. I wonder if that is what the mom that visits my school does. She comes in and complains about all her stomach issues and how she is sick all the time...and all I can do is hold my breath til she leaves because she is a walking chimney. Maybe she just loves smoking so much she isn't willing to look at the cold hard fact that cigarettes are killing her. I don't know, maybe my ideas are just crazy!
I think I'll get some cheese and crackers and think about it.....cause I said so.

Photo credit: http://images.teamsugar.com/files/upl0/1/12981/08_2008/cheese.jpg

Jun 6, 2013

Coming Down the Home Stretch

By Susan Knight


I’ve been laid up with ankle surgery, and despite thinking I’d have a lot of time to do things, life happened differently than planned. I’ve been sitting on the recliner with my foot up, watching television and crocheting. When I get antsy, I get up and go to my computer (I don’t have a laptop) thinking I’m going to have all this time to write, but then, with my ankle down, it starts to hurt. Back to the recliner.

I was hoping I’d have time to set up blogs and websites for platforms and social media. *sigh* I guess I just can’t sit upright long enough. Maybe that’s my excuse. The fact is, even though I’ve been reading up on it, I’m still not sure how to execute it all.

What I have been doing is a lot of thinking and some writing for my WIP. I got three-quarters done during NaNoWriMo and I’ve been trying to get that one last quarter finished. Maybe, with a few days left at home (I’m going back to work on Monday), I’ll at least have it mapped out and the rough draft finally finished. I’m coming down the home stretch—both for my book and my ankle.

Who knew it took so long to write a book? How do people put out one or more a year? Maybe they don’t have full-time jobs? No. I know a lot who do. Maybe they’re not as old (and tired) as I am? No. That’s not it either. What could it be? Lack of drive? Procrastination?

I’m going to go with my ankle has been out of commission for more than a year-and-a-half. I’ve been in constant pain. Half of my brain has been dealing with pain leaving only the other half in working order. Thinking and doing are exhausting, mentally and physically. I normally come home from work feeling like I've run a marathon.

I am praying so hard, night and day and in-between, that this second surgery has done the trick and I will be able to walk again—without pain.

Not trying to whine and not seeking sympathy. Just stating facts. I hope to join the real world again very soon, full of energy, enthusiasm, and able to think and act—pain free.

Hoping to rejoice soon as I get my cast off Friday. Fingers crossed.

Ahhhh. . . this is the life . . .

Jun 5, 2013


by Kami Cornwall

I have been sitting here staring at my computer screen for a good five minutes trying to encapsulate what it is that I'm thinking today. My thoughts are always so scattered that it makes it hard to get to the point. So what's the point today? I went to bed yesterday a 39 year old girl and woke up this morning a 40 year old woman. Of course every year I say, "I don't feel any older," and today would be no exception.

Do you ever have the unrealistic expectation that on your birthday you will wake up to hearing the Beatles'  Birthday Song blaring while streamers and confetti shoot out from the corners of the room? Yeah...no. I wasn't thinking about that at all. Ahem. But I do sometimes wish my parents were there to bake my cake (instead of baking it myself) and surprise me with a party (instead of telling my family what I'd like to do and who I would like to have over.) You know, those things that you don't appreciate when you're still living under your parents' roof.

I think my 25th birthday was the hardest to accept. I expected I was going to be like someone on the cast of "Friends," sitting in a coffee shop somewhere being trendy and making all others around me jealous. Instead I was serving a mission - doing more important things but feeling kind of invisible. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have traded what I was doing for the coffee-shop life either. I knew that I was doing what was right, but just definitely wasn't doing the "glamorous" thing at 25.

My niece this year was lamenting turning 12. I know, right? So I told her that getting older is AWESOME. And it really is. This is what I'm learning as I get older: I am more bold with my statements because I care a lot less about what people think of me. I get to wake up to my kids shouting "Happy Birthday!" Forget the Beatles. I can go on a shopping spree and not worry about what my mom will think. The friends I have now are faithful and fun - not catty like some I had when I was 12. And I get to go to school because I want to...not because I have to.

Whether or not it's your birthday today, celebrate and dance like nobody's looking!

Jun 4, 2013

Body Language Revisited

by Terri Wagner

Understanding body language is an art. I know because I stink at it. I will misunderstand the subtle signals of a person nearly every time. Shelton (Big Bang Theory) and I struggle to comprehend the meaning behind the meaning. However, Cesar Milan has taught me that my dogs are almost perfect at reading my body language and use subtle hints to figure out what I'm about to do next. This must be true because they know the difference between my going out to work and my going out to throw the ball (FTR the balls are outside, same door).

My shall we call it half hearted fascination stayed with me until May 24, 2011 when I got laid off. Since then, I've learned that body language speaks louder than words at an interview. And again I stink at both reading how the interview went and how I personally did. Since I don't have a permanent job, I'm assuming it's not going well, ha!

In my research however I did learn this...what means something in one cultural means something quite different in another. For example, looking you in the eye is strictly an American invention probably because we didn't begin as a class society. In class-oriented societies, a person requesting something does not look you in the eye, but looks at the ground as a sign of respect since you would be granting (or not) the request. Crazy uh?

Another example? Rolling your eyes is taboo in our culture. It means instant disrepect. However, it can mean someone is unsure of your meaning, possible ignorance of the subject at hand.

Keep researching, it's fun!

Jun 3, 2013

Body Language?

By Claire Enos

Tonight, I was at a good friend's apartment, just hanging out when he mentioned something really interesting to me. He said when you're with someone whom you would consider a love interest, or someone you are attracted to, your eyes dilate. I found this fascinating. What exactly are our bodies telling everyone else at any one time, that we don't realize we are telling them? And how can that be used in our writing?

So, here comes the research. I googled body language, and clicked on just one link. I'll just mention my five favorite tells, and let you do the rest of the research on your own. Because, who doesn't love research?

  1. A girl brushing her hair behind her ears, or at least away from her face, is a sign that she is flirting. She wants to bring attention to her neck and face, in order to appear more feminine. This is usually a sign of a date that is going well.
  2. When a person scratches his or her nose, this could be a sign he or she is lying. Whenever a person lies, adrenaline is released, which can in turn make their nose itch.
  3. Sending glances at a cute guy or a pretty girl reveals a lot more than a person might think. Most people know this one but I thought I'd include it anyway. It reveals that the person is interested, and is trying to decide if they want the person to come over or not, or they want to know if the person likes him or her. They send short glances because that way, if the person doesn't like them, they won't feel as rejected if nothing happens.
  4. When a person lowers his or her gaze, this is a sign they want attention or support. This often can illicit a parental response from those in the room.
  5. When with other people, you tend to lean toward those you like and pull away from those you don't like.
Each of these can be used well in a story. I'll write an example:

Kara waited for Josh to open the door for her, and they walked into the diner together. She sat on the red bench at an empty table and waited for him to order them something. When he got back, she smiled and glanced at him as he continued their conversation from the car. She smiled, and looked down at her lap, then back up at him. Her smile reached her eyes, making them twinkle. She tucked her hair behind her ear, and leaned toward him, hoping to catch more of the conversation. He interrupted his own thoughts in order to say, "Order whatever you want" scratching his nose as he said it. He continued on with his thought, and she looked down, realizing he probably didn't have much money. She chose something inexpensive that she hoped he would be able to afford.

(This is a rudimentary scene I devised in less than a couple minutes, so if it's horrible don't worry, that's not my actual writing. I normally write a lot worse.) In the previous scene, you can infer lots of things. See if you notice what I did there. (You hopefully should, I tried to make it as obvious as possible.) 

So, I suggest in the future that you try to include body language in your writing. It can do a lot for your characters, make them like real people. And trust me, your writing will turn out a whole lot better than the above scene I wrote.

Have a good week,