Jun 19, 2013

What I did

by Kami Cornwall

So I found myself with four hours to kill in Spokane today. All. By. My. Self.  I KNOW! It's a long story that would leave you snoring, or at the very least, wondering about what the latest recipe on Pinterest is and you'd close my story. BUT! I'll tell you what I did.

Okay, first I have to admit I called my husband on my cell which went something like:
Me: Hi! So...I dropped the girls off but they won't be done until sometime between 1:00 and 2:00.
Him: Wait...now it might be 2:00?
Me: I know. Anyway, what should I do? Do you need me to pick up anything while I'm here? It's only 9:30.
Him: Not really. Why don't you just go hang out at the mall?
Me: 'Cause I'm not fifteen anymore. Um...yeah...I could do that.
Him: You could always catch a movie.
Me: True. (But how sad would that be? Watching a movie alone? Isn't that what losers do?)

Okay, so I went to the mall. And can I just say...that 9:30a.m. is a COOL time to go! People are cleaning, the escalators are frozen, and all of the shops look like they're posh jail cells. I bought a ticket to Star Trek (because I'm a fan and it's going to leave the theatres soon) but I felt GROSSLY guilty that I was going to see it without my other half. I got over it though.

Also? I totally went all girly and tried on some shirts at Down East Outfitters and bought some...and then got some kickin' earrings at another shop to match. And because I never buy things for myself, I texted my hubby to tell him of my conquest and he congratulated me. I know...we're weird. But to be fair, I usually talk myself out of buying new clothes. It's a disorder I think. Maybe not recognized officially by the APA but still...It's my affliction. Don't judge me.

I was thinking as I sat down to watch my movie that it would be SO NICE not to have my kids sitting there poking me, trying to talk to me through the movie, and needing to leave in the middle of some pivotal part to go potty...but then that small diet Coke (HUGE, by the way) seized my bladder, started punching it, and in order to refrain from exploding in the theatre, I actually had to excuse myself and run to the rest room. I think that's a sign of old age....and maybe a lack of caffeine tolerance.

The best part of the day was definitely coming home to my boys (who I was away from far longer than I had anticipated) who were doing JUST FINE all by themselves. Tomorrow I think I'll take them to see a movie.

I leave you with this random photo I found when I looked up "shopping" on Pinterest. Because it made me laugh out loud. Enjoy.

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  1. I love retail therapy! How fun! Glad you had a good time. LOL...the picture made me laugh out loud. hugs~


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