Jun 21, 2007

Creating Happiness - the First Step

by Kari Diane Pike

So, how are you? I hope you said happy! I wonder how many of you took on the challenge to tell everyone you meet that you are happy. A few of you have shared your experiences. Isn’t it fun!

A couple of people have asked how to create happiness when life seems so full of negative and challenging experiences. Isn’t that what we all ask at one time or another? I frequently hear women describe their battles with loneliness, depression, physical ailments, and trouble with their spouse and/or children. Our lives are filled with challenges. So how do we create happiness?

My husband received a Father’s Day card from our new son-in-law that not only touched our hearts, but served as a great reminder of how we begin to create happiness.


Wow, it’s odd calling you that. Ya know I wished for a long time for a new Dad and it wasn’t until I stopped and dealt with what I had that I finally got my wish. Happy Father’s day, you truly are one of the great ones.



Profound, isn’t it!

This young man struggled for nearly 10 years with his relationship with his father. Most of the time, he felt anger and bitterness. When he let go of those negative feelings and focused on what he wanted, Daryn discovered his love for his Dad. He began to do things to show his father just how much he loved and respected him. Every time they visited, he told his Dad he loved him. He showed gratitude and appreciation for his Dad. For the first time in 10 years, Daryn heard the words he had so missed and longed for. As Daryn left his parents home this Father’s Day, his Dad pulled him aside, gave him a hug, and said,

“I love you.”

Gratitude is the key to opening the door to happiness.


  1. Kari, thank you for your profound post. Gratitude is indeed the key.

  2. Something else I've learned along the way is that love isn't an emotion, it is an action verb as your son in law so profoundly showed. When he showed his love for his father it opened his heart and his father's heart.

  3. How true, Kari, Marsha, and Betsy. In agreement, may I paraphrase your advice?

    Whenever you're not feeling happy, forget yourself and get to work trying to make somebody else happy, and suddenly--there you are, blissfully content.

  4. Ah! Very true...all of you...however, another thing I have learned is that no matter how hard we try, we can't "make" anyone else happy. Happiness is a choice and we are happy (or unhappy as the case may be) because we choose to be!

  5. This is certainly timely for me. I have been stuck with the job of helping my niece in her drug recovery. I say stuck because I didn't ask for it, I literally got stuck with it. One of the main things that seems to come up is her relationship with her dad, my brother, who is quite possibly the world's worst communicator. This has given me an idea. I'll let you know how it works out.

  6. terri--do let us know! And Kari, thank you for the reminder of something we already know but constantly need to be retaught.

  7. Terri!
    Please keep us up to date. Whatever it is you are working on let us know how it goes. My prayers are with you.


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