Aug 28, 2007

Deep Thinking

By Betsy Love

Getting my act together,

Means putting my priorities in order.

Putting priorities in order means deep thinking.

Deep thinking requires more brain-work than my brain can handle.

Git ‘er done,

Means deciding what to do.

Deciding what to do means deep thinking.

Deep thinking requires more brain-work than my brain can handle.


Means working two jobs at once,

Two jobs at once needs deep thinking.

Deep thinking requires more brain-work than my brain can handle.


Means creativity

Which needs deep thinking

Deep thinking requires just the brain-work my brain can handle.


Getting my act together, gitten’ ‘er done, and multi-tasking,

Have consumed all my brainpower

So this is all you get this time around!

Dear Family and ANWA friends,

Please excuse the shortness of this post. I’ve been working so hard in my new job at Carson Jr. High, teaching 9th grade English, that I missed last go around. I nearly missed this time. I am so tired from grading papers for two days straight that I almost decided not to post, but I did anyway. Just so you know, I am still writing. I’ve been working in snippets here and there, emailing them from home to school and back again…a sentence here, a sentence there. Labor Day weekend is our one last ditch get away for the summer. I’m taking my laptop and we’re taking a couple of side trips for researching purposes. I’m excited to spend three days writing!

Next time I post, hopefully I will have something more valuable to read.


  1. I understand from my teacher friends that grading papers can be a huge job. Best of luck and I enjoyed you thoughts on brain-drain! Rene

  2. Betsy, I love your sense of humor. Thanks for putting things in a new perspective for me today. You made me smile!

  3. Betsy,
    Wonderful blog! I need to do more deep thinking myself, but sometimes it's so overwhelming, I choose too many mind-numbing activities, instead. My latest mantra is: "Quit stalling!" Which is another way of saying, "Quit playing around, take time to THINK, and then get busy following through on your thoughts!"

  4. Right on, Betsy. This deep thinking can be great, but only at times. Life often gets in the way of thought.

    And on grading papers: When they get overpowering, remember you assigned them in the first place. Then come up with some creative way of getting kids to learn and to love learning, and to evaluate them without all those papers to grade. There must be some way.

    I had one educator friend who said she thought 'teaching for testing' kind of learning is far overrated. The 'knowledge' we gain in school is soon forgotten, anyway. How to learn and to research is what remains.

    As usual, I digress.


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