Apr 13, 2013

My Computer Is in the Grave Yard

By Jennifer Debenham

This will be short and sweet because my computer died, so I am writing this with my phone. Haha! You can't keep a blogger down! Although I am tempted to use texting shorthand. (And maybe too many punctuation marks.)

Now I am fantasizing about my next computer and thought, who better to get computer advice from than writers? so what do you think, Mac or PC? I've never had a Mac.


  1. I prefer a PC myself. I've had both. Macs have been limiting in a lot of ways and the keyboards take some getting used to.

  2. Love PC. Worked with both and found each has issues, but PC is more user friendly. Also love the programs PC uses.

  3. I liked the Mac I used for school. Have a PC at home. I say be bold try something different.


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