Apr 24, 2013


by Kami Cornwall

I have been ruminating recently on how people so easily lose their perspective in life. The morning news can do that to a person. I was watching a mother who supports her 5-year-old daughter in pageantry and admitted that her daughter's wardrobe was worth probably a million dollars. They showed the glitz and glam that this girl was surrounded with, and the young girl was saying she wanted to grow up to be a rock star and a nurse and....well the list went on. It was the STUFF that struck me...and the sense of entitlement that she seemed to have. 

As pink sequinned dresses and tiaras flashed before my eyes I thought of the image of some poor starving child and found myself saying, "That bedroom could feed a third world country." It kind of made me sick to think about. 

Maybe I'm just being moody.

I just hope we don't lose too much perspective as we go through life - as mothers, daughters, wives, aunts, and friends. I hope we appreciate what we have and are willing to share with others. Our family has adopted a "motto" this week: "Ubuntu - I am because we are." The idea is that not one of us can be happy when others are unhappy. Maybe that's where my perspective is coming from today.

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  1. I get that way sometimes. Being blessed in a country of so much makes you sometimes forget how little others actually have. I hate this reality TV stuff anyway. It's just people behaving badly.


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