Dec 16, 2014

Striking a Blow for the First Amendment

by Terri Wagner

Things are still crazy around here. Mobile home, or manufactured home, or trailer, I've always thought it funny to have 3 different names when it is the same thing has finally arrived. Today I have to bring to the table all the information they need for the loan to go through. I must be unaverage because I passionately resent giving them all that information. Do they really need to know all this? And further more why does my employer have to verify my employment? Really it is any of my employer's business what I am doing on the homefront? And why we are at it why does anyone have to know what I am doing with the house I own outright?

And another beef while I'm at it...what is this infernal onslaught when it comes to FB? If a person offers up a personal opinion about something that happened at work to several hundred friends at one time, why can that be used against that person? Who made up that rule while I wasn't looking?! And no I am not talking about extremes here. And why should we all be concerned about this attack on free speech? Because as the German people once learned, if they come after the one guy, eventually they will come after you.

My best example is the attacks for your own good. Lookit, I'm LDS right? Never smoked a day in my life. Can't stand the stuff. BUT if you choose to smoke, and accept the consequences (which may or may not include cancer but certainly causes you serious health issues), and pay extra for your health care for it, then so be it. But no one really stood up for the smoker, so now they can hardly smoke in the streets. Then they went after the fat people. Using the same tactics. And again I was appalled at the lack of response to the fat police. Now they are after your free speech on something as simple as blogs, and FB. Don't be fooled, they are waiting for the opportunity to pounce. Just ask Canadian preachers who can't speak from the pulpit about homosexuality (that may now be toned down but the framework for it is in place), and it's not just Canada. Recently the lesbian mayor of Houston wanted to check out the speeches of several city pastors before they gave them. For now, the pastors' protest was successful enough that the mayor backed down. However, the law that preceded the demand is still in place.

I just wonder where it will end? I'm still mad about all these intrusive things I have to answer. Makes me wish I could just pay cash in hand. Hmmmm, maybe this is yet another reason for the emphasis on being debt free.


  1. Terri, I'm with you 100%. We have been losing freedoms right and left and too many people are blind to it. Freedom to choose and speak and live is such a fragile gift. I read the other day that less than 5% of the people who have ever lived on the earth have experienced the kind of freedom we have enjoyed in this country. With fewer parents teaching their children how to make wise decisions and to be held accountable for their choices, our freedoms are disappearing at an ever increasing rate. I'm sorry you are so frustrated. I have never liked giving out all that info (we've moved 23 times in the past 35 years). I am glad that things are moving along for you though...crazy at it may be. Sending you warm Christmas hugs...and prayers.

    1. It is scary. But I'm going to try to put it all aside for now and enjoy my holidays. Hope your Christmas is awesome, you deserve it just for being here and letting each of us know someone read our posts.


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