Dec 13, 2016

A Christmas Memory

by Terri Wagner

Deb started it LOL. I got to thinking about family stories and what one I would share. It did not happen to me but every time I pass a Toys for Tots I remember and add a sometimes very inexpensive gift depending on my Christmas budget. My sister's husband was transferred to Iceland. My sister had one small son. Dad as always had to go first. So she had to deal with driving from Indiana to Norfolk where happily I was living close by in Newport News and my mom drove up from Alabama to help out. We navigated the huge Navy base to get the truck to the proper port to be shipped to Iceland. We made a list and started doing everything we could think of that she might need. It was October which is a stunningly beautiful time in Virginia and I gave them the royal tour. We finally had to wave goodbye, and mom headed home.

My sister calls me in just a few weeks crying. Back at that time to get your Christmas gifts you had to order them in October when she was just getting over there. And there was nothing in Iceland that could at that time compare to what we had over here. She begged me to find stuff for a young boy and see if I could get them over to the Navy base asap. No matter what way we tried to do it, the gifts were not going to get there on time. She was devastated. Both of us were so worried about what her son would think on Christmas Day. I still do not know who tipped them off. But one day before Christmas, some very welcomed Marines showed up with gifts wrapped like a Macy's gift all for a young boy. As a family we never pass up the opportunity to pay them back even though this was over 26 years ago. Christmas was saved thanks to the Marines.

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  1. See, that was easy! And powerful. I could just imagine her panic, and the days saved by a stranger. Funny...last time I was in Iceland, I bought toys to bring home!


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