Jan 10, 2017

We Are in Mourning LOL

by Terri Wagner

Losing a football game defines you more than winning. So many people seem to think Alabama fans are arrogant. I see us as excited and confident. No matter. In the end being gracious win or lose defines your character. Learning what you did wrong and right or accepting the winds of fate ie referees is all part of the process.

A rejection of our work defines our writer character. Many years ago I wrote a book about what I thought was a unique perspective on race relations. The first and admittedly only publishing company did not reject me out of hand, but offered what I thought was weird advice. Obviously they had not read my summary and first three chapters because he assumed I was a run of the mill southerner making apologies. I put my book away and gave up. What he told me convinced me the conventional wisdom on southerners and race will always be defined by a certain narrative...you are either an apologist or a racist. The confirmation hearings on my Senator Jeff Sessions only tells me it hasn't yet changed. Losing (or rather rejection of my proposal) defined my perception. I choose to live my written convictions rather than write about them. Perhaps that is what Heavenly Father would prefer any way.

That said let me congratulate my Crimson Tide on a perfect season ending in a in a game lost only in the last 6 seconds. Well done.


  1. I know that several people in my family enjoyed watching that game. I'm sorry your Crimson Tide lost...but wow. so close! and about getting rejected as a writer. I am learning that it's important for me to be humble and listen to the critique with an open mind so that I can improve my craft, but also to recognize that some things are about thinking differently and not that I wrote it right or wrong. Just like life. Great post my friend. 2017 has amazing things in store for all of us.


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