Mar 7, 2017

Dad Passed On & I am Dealing with it

by Terri Wagner

Quick note. My dad passed on and I have included a link to his obituary. I am finding my first week back at work harder than I thought. For over 20 years, I would walk in the door and dad would ask how my day went. The dogs are grieving as well.

I know where he is and have a pretty good idea of what he's doing, and that is a comfort I cannot testify more about.

I was asked to give the eulogy and so many people thought I was so talented. All I could think was ask any Mormon what it's like to give a talk lol.

His memorial service was at his Baptist church he loved so much. I find myself talking much more to the dogs, and saying crazy things like "you'd better not go any time soon." I say this because the Yorkie has untreatable cancer, Kota is 13, and Daisy around 12. We are not spring chickens around here. I know I will get through this as President Hinckely said so wisely one baby step at a time.

Billie W Wagner


  1. Sad! I still talk to my Dad, and he's been Gone over a dozen years. However do people manage without the gospel?

  2. I was so sad to hear of your dad's passing, Terri. I hope you're feeling the comfort of the Holy Ghost in these hard days. Hug your doggies for me.

  3. Terri, I've been down with a cold and not real active online the past couple of weeks...I did comment on facebook, but I want to tell you again here, how sorry I am for your loss. You and your sweet pups are in my prayers. hugs to you...

    1. Hope you are getting better. Thank you for the prayers and hugs. I'm muddling through.


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