Aug 22, 2017

Twitter Usage Part 2

by Terri Wagner

Susan Allred's blog post about Twitter Pitches got me to thinking. How successful is social media to actual books sales. I am old enough to remember the first Star Wars movie was pitched by regular joes going to see it and spreading the word among their friends. As we now know it's a worldwide hit still ongoing. So I was thinking is Twitter like the old word of mouth. And is it effective? And if so, how so? So thank you Susan for starting me on this journey. Here's what I found out.

What Not To Say on Twitter was an article I ran across by accident. What do you think? I keep referring in my mind to the ancient way of communication and wondering if Twitter is just the digital means to the word of mouth way. Another source that suggests using Twitter wisely is a guaranteed way to boost your sales. Here's one that addresses the whole does Twitter work which seems to indicate Twitter is great for reaching out to writers but not so great for reaching out to those who will actually buy your books. Follow this up with how to actually measure those Twitter stats.

I followed up with two authors with divergent views: Ewan Morrison who was basically a no, and Anna Belfrage who was a yes. And finally I offer up Derek Murphy's opinion.

John Lewis found out what Tom Clancy will attest to...better than Twitter get someone famous to toot your book negatively or positively.

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