Sep 26, 2017

Writers Conference

by Marsha Ward @MarshaWard

I spent a few days a week ago down in Gilbert, Arizona, for the 25th Annual Writers Conference put on by American Night Writers Association (ANWA), which is a writers group I started back in 1986. I had a ton of fun, seeing long-time friends again, “meeting” face-to-face with long-time Facebook and email friends, and enjoying the energy of so many like-minded souls together.

The highlight of my trip was a class I gave for two hours on Saturday afternoon. There were several talented writers who attended and found themselves validated in their writing style. It was a joyful class, and I loved being the bringer of that joy.

Have you ever attended a writers conference? What did you take away from the experience?

*Photos by Deb Eaton


  1. It was an amazing conference made all the more amazing because of amazing you. Thank you for creating such a mighty force for good in the writing world.

    1. Thank you, Deb. I enjoyed myself greatly this year.

  2. I was so sad I had to miss not just your class, but the entire conference! Of was for a joyous occasion, but I still missed you! I've heard nothing but great things about your class! you rock.

    1. I'm glad you pulled off the wedding so well, Kari. That was more important. I'm glad people liked my class. It was small, but the folks who attended seemed to appreciate the affirmation I gave them.


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