Feb 1, 2007

5 little-known things about me

by Donna Hatch

Someone tagged me so, okay, 5 things about me. Since I knew few of you, you probably know little about me. So here they are.

1. I play the harp. I fell in love with it when I was 12 and have loved it ever since.

2. I almost served a mission in Taiwan. I got my call before my good friend Tom and I ever started dating, and was horrified to discover that the thought of being separated from him for 18 months left me feeling lost and alone. When he asked me to marry him, after about a two-week, day and night courtship (after about a 2 year friendship) I prayed, cried and talked to two bishops and two stake presidents. They all advised me to listen to my heart and that if I loved him and wanted to marry him, that the church leaders have said to go ahead and get married instead. So I decided to serve my mission . . . in a few years after I had raised a family and retired, with him as my mission companion.

3. I almost drowned in a river when I was thirteen. My friend and Iwere riding on a big inner tube on the Verde River and we got flipped over. She came up and I didn't, at least not for several minutes. I don't remember being hurt, but the next day, I had bruises all over my face and body. What's weird is that I am a very strong swimmer, but apparently I was caught in some kind of current. My family all thought it was a miracle I had survived after being under for so long, and that I suffered no ill effects.

4. I have six children, ranging in ages from 17 to 4.

5. My favorite color is pink. Yes, pink. I am very girly.


  1. It's nice to learn more about you, Donna. #5 made me smile.

    I fell in love with a musical instrument, too: the baritone horn, but mine was a late-blooming romance. I was about 62.

    As a tagee, you get to tag others, you know. Who will it be?

  2. I loved getting to know you, Donna. I am very glad you did not drown! I had a near drowning experience as a small child. I didn't remember it happening...at least I didn't know it really happened until I mentioned to my mom one day that I had a recurring nightmare about drowning. When I described the dream, her eyes about popped out as she told me it wasn't a dream. It really happened. She thought I had forgotten about it, too. I don't think I have had that nightmare ever since she told me it really happened.

    I would love to hear you play your harp!

  3. Good to get to know you, Donna. What interesting stories. I'm glad you did not drown too!


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