Feb 16, 2007

You know you’ve been a mother too long when you . . .

by Donna Hatch

  • automatically cut the meat for your dinner companion– even if it’s your husband’s boss
  • don't mind eating the leftover crust from your children’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – even if it’s been on the floor
  • have the entire lineup for Nick Jr. and Public television memorized
  • think the new guy in Blue’s Clues is hot
  • look forward to time alone so you can take a nap
  • think the idea of a nice outing is going to the grocery store without children
  • measure road trips by how many movies can be watched before you get there
  • hesitate when offered the chance to go on a vacation without your children for longer than overnight
  • collection of Disney videos is larger than all other movies or music CD’s combined
  • get excited about and keep track of your children’s bodily functions
  • can’t think of anything to say when someone says ‘tell me about yourself’ except how many children you have
  • carry pictures instead of money
  • accept all invitations for kitchen gadget parties just to get out of the house
  • catch yourself swaying back and forth when you stand, even if your arms are empty
  • have children who understand how to work your computer better than you do
  • can’t imagine life without them!


  1. Well done, Donna! I love it. One of my married daughters called while I was reading it and of course I had to chare it with her! lol

    I thought of another one...You know you've been a mother too long when, in a lack of tissue crisis, you don't hestitate to use the hem of your shirt to wipe your child's (or grandchild's) icky nose!

  2. Too, too true. I loved it - funny, warm-hearted and right on. Now I'm a grandma, I don't rock when I stand with empty arms but the rest is true. We took two grandchildren on a road trip to Utah and were SOOO greatful for those movies.

  3. Cute, Donna, and oh, so true! And, Rene, I'm a grandma, too, and I still rock.


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