Mar 4, 2008

You Know It's Right When...

A fellow ANWA sister and I "talk" by email several times a week. She's had some pretty rough experiences being single again after years of loving companionship. She was called as our stake single adult leader and is doing a marvelous job. I'm quite impressed with how quickly she has put together activities, the most recent a very successful conference. Along the way, she's broken a few hearts and had hers broken a few times. Being older and single is vastly more difficult than I had imagined. Having never married (yet?), I can relate to both sides of the singles' aisle. And older and single is worst in many ways than younger and single.

The latest romantic misadventure got us to thinking someone really ought to write about these experiences. For one thing, it's cathartic; and for another it's downright hysterical. I told her to write a book, I was thinking fiction, something along the lines of Saturday Night Live in SA land. She went down a different path.

She responded with a whole project consisting of several articles involving the spiritual aspect, the emotional angle and the "reality" experience. I told her to go for it. She contacted someone to help her out. Got some ideas going and even laid out an outline of what she would do. Then she got busy and formulated her introduction, which I'm sure you all will be asked to critique.

When something goes this right, it's meant to be.


  1. As an "older, single" sister, I believe there's a need for just such projects as your friend is now pursuing. I look forward to the finished project!

  2. cathartic and hysterical: two great reasons to blog!

  3. I am not single, but as a RS president I have become more aware of the challenges of single women in all different stages of life. There is a great need for such a project. Go for it!!!


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