Jul 1, 2008

Good Friends

By Betsy Love

I have lots and lots and tons and tons of friends. I have some tall ones, some short ones, some skinny ones, and some that are a bit plump. I have friends who are Mormons and some who are not. I have friends I met online and some I see every day. I have friends I’m related to and some I’m not. Hey, I even married my friend. I have male friends and female friends. I have some friends I haven’t spoken to in weeks, months, and even years. I have friends in different colors, who speak a different language. I have friends all over the world, (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration), but one from Japan, one from China, a couple of friends from the Philippines and one from Denmark and ones as far away as Bosnia and Sweden.

So what is it that makes a friend? Like rain in a thirsty desert, friends are the moisture to a dried out soul. Not that most of our souls are dried out. However friends are a great source of comfort; they are the balm in a painful world. When I am down and out, I know that I can always turn to my friends. But even friends can let you down. Sometimes they don’t understand what’s really going on, and it’s so hard to tell them what’s actually troubling you. Once I tried to tell a friend what was troubling me, but couldn’t find the words. Something bothered me so deeply that the only friend I could turn to was my Savior. I knew that only He would understand exactly how I felt. I didn’t even need to find the exact words. All I had to say, “Are you there? I need you.”

I pictured myself sitting at his feet with my head on his knee, with Him gently stroking my hair, telling me He knew, He cared, and He would help to carry my burden, because He had already carried it.

I hope that you will treasure your friends, every one of them. But always remember that the one friend, who will ultimately never misunderstand you or forsake you, is the one who bore all things. I love Jesus Christ. He is my BFF. (Best Friend Forever)


  1. Yes I always think of my Savior as the One who has my back no matter what.

  2. Oh, how true. A good friend is forever.
    Your description of friends fits mine. I'm also reminded of many friends whose names have slipped into oblivion, but whose influence and activities are still part of me. Many good friend are now beyond the veil, even as many are and have been beyond the seas. They don't have to be seen or visited to still be friends.

    Are our heavenly parents also our friends?

  3. Beautiful post, Betsy. Thank you. Yes, the Savior is my best friend too. I have been learning more each day how he will never let me down...and how he helps me forgive myself and others when I let someone down or feel let down. Your words brought me comfort. I just got a phone call that a very dear friend who thought she was pregnant is being rushed to the hospital because instead of a pregnancy it looks like cancer. She is only 35. I feel so sad.I can't imagine how she feels.


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