Jul 14, 2008

Another Tender Mercy

by Rene Allen

Today’s blog is going to be very short. It’s 9:30 pm. The day has been eventful.

This morning I had one of my grandchildren while his mother took his older brother and sister to their swim meet. Perhaps you recall swim meets, the hours of waiting for the seconds your children are in the water. Hyrum is 3 and would like to compete as well only he can’t swim yet. So he had Grandma time this morning.

As we were getting ready to deliver him to his mother because I had another appointment, she called. Can you watch him longer, she wanted to know? Her husband, my son, had been in an accident on his way to work.

Of course, I’ll watch him, I said. Call me when you know something. I went to my appointment then drove to the hospital.

It could have been worse. He blacked out, reason unknown at this point, crossed into on-coming traffic and went up an embankment. The car flipped to its side but didn’t roll. It crashed back to all four wheels. At least this is what observers say. My son can only remember pieces of it.

He is okay. No one else was hit or injured. This wasn’t a little tender mercy. It was huge.

Tonight, he’s in the hospital but only for observation. My husband and I just said our prayers together and expressed our gratitude for the blessings of this day.

It’s where I want to stop, now, being grateful. Everything could have been so much worse.


  1. I know almost exactly how you feel Rene. My niece temporarily blacked out on her way to our house about 3 years ago. Nothing was ever found medically that might have caused it. She totaled the car, ruined a fence and nearly plunged into the nearby creek. But thanks to God she was fine and the fence replaced. There are moments when we stop to just to be grateful it wasn't so much more worse.

  2. I am adding my gratitude to yours. Thank goodness your son was not injured...or injured someone else! It was indeed a huge tender mercy.

  3. When we receive these blessings even in the form of trials, we do need to drop to our knees and simply offer a prayer of thanks don't we?

    I am also adding my thanks that all are not injured.

    We are so lucky to have tender mercies in our lives.

  4. Add my joys to yours for the blessings that come. In the long run, like eternity, it may not make a whole lot of difference, but the immediate blessing is overwhelming, and to be treasured.

    I'm reminded of when my oldest son completely split his helmet when he toppled onto a rock from a steep downhill bike ride, and emerged relatively unscathed. Or the couple of times I and my children barely missed being clobbered by speeding trains. Life is full of booby traps and opportunities to be grateful. Oh, the wisdom of a loving Creator.


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