Jul 18, 2008

Birthday Season

By Kristine John

We have 5 of our 7 children's birthdays between the end of June and the middle of August.
It is definitely a birthday season for us.

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday.
She's growing into a beautiful young woman, way too fast.
She'll enter middle school this year, and for some reason, I feel older and more concerned with her going this year than I did two years ago when my oldest entered middle school.

It is a joy to celebrate her, in a way that is focused and fun.
She'll have her first "friend" party this evening, and we are in the throes of preparation for that.
I'm excited to see her be the center of attention.
In a large family, that opportunity only comes along once in a while.
She definitely deserves the spotlight.

Forgive me while I run...
Today I've got to put my mom hat on first.


  1. Happy Birthday to the summer members of your family.

  2. A birthday season...what fun!
    Happy birthday to all! It sounds like you are an amazing Mom.

    I know what you mean about opportunities for attention in a large family. This past week, my younger children have caught on that we did a lot more "active" activities with the older kids...lol...yeah...because we had a lot more energy then. The older children,now adults with children of their own, tell their younger siblings how spoiled they are...they had to eat oatmeal every morning and only got cold cereal on Sunday mornings...etc. I am very grateful for the things they teach me!

  3. Funny, I never realized how similar our lives are. I've got seven too with two July, three August and one the beginning of September so I'm just entering insane-dom.

  4. Over 3/4 of our family have December b'days. I start it out and off it goes until December 28th. Your oldest daughter is that age that is both fun and nerve wracking. The good news is the two of you will laugh about it one day, I promise.

  5. Today is my youngest son's birthday, and next week is another's. July's the only month I had two births, so our family birthday celebrations were scattered over nine months. But as my family grows, birthdays come more frequently, until I can hardly keep up. Isn't it wonderful?

    And congratulations for stopping to blog. That's quite a wonder in itself.


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