Apr 20, 2009

Purge your negativity

By Stacy Johnson
I’m off to the Dr. for my little girl. She was born with a hand deformity that I found out about during a routine ultrasound. It about put me over the edge when I found out and I feel like I missed about two months of my life worrying about how this would affect her life and ours after she joined us.

When we finally told the kids, they were so nonchalant about it, I wondered why I had been so caught up. They spent the next 20 minutes talking about all the things she COULD do without a perfect hand and I had spent the last two months thinking about all the things she COULDN’T do. It has been better since then, but I still have moments, like today when I have to face the reality of her situation, that I get a little bit sidetracked in my effort to think positive.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, how my negativity seeps into lots of aspects of my life. For example, after I wrote this chapter in my parenting book about “Setting Expectations,” I told myself nobody wants to know what I have to say, I have no degree, no formal parenting skills to offer. So there my chapter has sat and I haven’t written another one since. Of course, the interesting thing is that when I verbally explain my theory on setting expectations to other parents, they say it makes complete sense.

My point is, that we need to rid ourselves of the negative talk. We need self motivators and mantras, we need to cheer for ourselves more. We need to do whatever we can to purge the negativity from our lives and introduce more positive thinking.
Our group president sends a cheer to a group of people every morning (my small effort to purge), hers was quite fitting today:

Know you are fabulous, beautiful, and extraordinary!

It came just at the right time too. Thanks L.J.


  1. You used PURGE as a major part of your message and I didn't think of vomit once. (Hehe).

    I love your post today. The positive focus is critical to life...and to parenting. There's another chapter for you for your parenting book.

    And your positive message before my talk in Sacrament meeting was MUCH appreciated. (I love to speak, but couldn't figure out why I had NO impressions to lay ANY groundwork about what the Atonement was at all...just the impression to talk about how important it is for each of us to accept the Atonement...it took me sitting there, listening to your daughter to realize how much the Lord knew would be covered in her talk...good job, Marly! and good job, Stacy! You're teaching that girl skillz!)

  2. Great post, Stacy. I know we all need this reminder at some time. I completely relate to what you have experienced...I, too, get caught up in that "What makes me think I can say it any better than has already been said...the important things have already been written" mode. Aurgh! Then I pray about it, meditate on positive thoughts...and try to get over it. Recognizing that Satan will do anything to keep me from sharing truths with other...that is a good wake-me-up! thanks Stacy.

  3. Thanks for the message in your blog. It is amazing how anything to do with our children can just about floor us. Your insight into stopping the negativity is critical. It will surely crush us if we let it, and stop all the good we can accomplish with our writing voices. I really appreciate you sharing this with us.

  4. Please Stacy above all hear your own words. I see it in animals. They just adjust to their challenges and go off and do. They have no one telling them they can't. It's amazing. There is a universal truth...positive vibes brings positive vibes. If I have learned nothing else in this life, I have learned that...painfully but fully.

  5. Loved this post. I struggle with this all the time. In fact in writing my novel it was unreal the relentless "chatter" in my head (same as yours)...I think it was a committee of negativity telling me I couldn't do it.
    Then Heavenly Father placed angels and cheerleaders in my path to help drown out the evil devils.
    We must stop the negativity, it's crippling and doesn't come from HF. I have to replace the thoughts with better ones, and NOT listen to the garbage satan slings at me. Then I'm okay.
    Thanks for the reminder!


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