Apr 28, 2009

Power in Your Corner

Of all the successful Disney flicks of the 1990s, my favorite was Aladdin, mostly due to Robin Williams' genie. In one of the many songs the genie sings, there is one about Aladdin now having “You got some power in your corner now,Some heavy ammunition in your camp.” From “A Friend Like Me.” I feel that way because of the Holy Ghost. I have this power I can tap into if I keep myself “unspotted from the world.” And this power gives wings to my writing efforts (and most every other endeavor). I am beyond grateful for the promise of his constant companionship. And I try very hard to listen for that still small voice to guide me.

Last night, it seemed he fairly took over. As I have written, a friend and I are converting an old story written some time ago into a 2009 James Bond world. As a result we often find ourselves at a loss on how to write the scenes while thankfully some scenes can just be reworked. Last night, we discovered the next scene in our story needed to be brand new instead of converted since we have switched around characters and their jobs. At first I was stymied, irritated and tired…I’m sure you can all relate.

I grudgingly volunteered to write up the new scene. My fingers took on a will of their own, I could as it were almost feel myself take a back corner while something else took over and wrote the scene. My friend (we do this through the modern marvel of IM’ing) deemed it perfect. I couldn’t take the credit.

As writers and as sisters, we need to remember we too have “power in our corner.” Tapping into that power can make the mundane adventuresome and the good jump to best.


  1. I think this is one of the most important things to remember as we write! What a blessing the Holy Ghost is and his infinite guidance. Thank you for your post.

  2. The change in perspective, and therefore understanding,the Holy Ghost gives us can make a huge difference. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Thank you for wonderful reminder, Terri.It is such a joy when I know the Spirit is directing the things I write and speak and learn! I am grateful for the comfort and peace that accompanies us as well. Your reminder is timely. I just learned of the death of a dear friend. I'm glad to have "power in my corner" today.

  4. I know how that feels. At the LDStorymakers conference I had a pitch and they requested my manuscript. As I was leafing through it, certain it was perfect, three little typos jumped out at me. I swear it was the Spirit helping.

  5. I completely agree and relate to what you are saying.

  6. WOW! What a great story. Isn't it amazing when we write in tune with the spirit? Great blog. Thanks!


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