Apr 23, 2009

Ben Franklin, and a B-24

by Anna Arnett

"One today is worth two tomorrows.  Never leave to tomorrow what you can do today."  So said Ben Franklin, and if I hadn't read this recently, I'd be in bed now instead of trying to write this blog.  I'm as bone tired as I can remember.  

Okay, so I have a short memory.

Yesterday I drove with three of my children to Marana (near Tucson) so Wayne and Kat could hop a ride on the only B-24 that's still in flying condition.  Literally at the last minute, I heard, "Mom, there's room for you, too.  Do you want to go?" 

I couldn't say no to such a great opportunity, so instead I said goodbye to David.  

Everyone else ducked under the open bomb bay doors and easily climbed aboard.  I had to wait for someone to find steps  for me.  Even bending low posed a small problem for a hefty, old lady with a strained muscle in her left leg.  With many helping hands, I made it.

The hour flight from Marana to Glendale thrilled me.  Nothing plush, noisy, I stood by the large, open windows, my hair blowing everywhere, and occasionally had to hold my skirt down.  At only a thousand feet, I could pick out individual trees in an orchard.  

I thought of Charles, who had enjoyed piloting this same kind of bomber, and of my maternal grandmother born in covered-wagon times (1847) whose life span included an airplane ride.  I wrote pages about it in my journal, and would like to give you a short version of all I felt.   However, after yesterday's flight, today's Diamondback baseball game, and a three-hour writing class this evening, I'll simply have to change the focus on Ben Franklin's quote. 

 "Never leave to tomorrow the sleep you need today." 



  1. Okay, anybody who is checking on time will realize I slept before pushing the 'publish' button. I thought of rearranging the time, but then forgot.

  2. What a fun surprise for you Anna! Marolyn told me about the opportunity for the plane ride when I ssaw her at Stake conference Sunday. I 'm so glad you got to go! I love you the way you tell things...You are wonderful!!!

  3. Like the song says Anna, mama tole me there'd be days like this...

  4. Your wisdom breathes through everything you write. Thank you!

  5. You amaze me Anna. I am tired just thinking of all you did. You seem to run circles around most of us!

  6. Great reminder. It's so easy to get caught up in... whatever. And it only takes a simple act of service to remember again.

    - Chas

  7. Sleep, Anna. After such an exciting addventure you'll have sweet dreams.


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