Feb 1, 2012

Get up and finish the race!

by Kami Cornwall

As I was sitting at McDonald's with my nine-year-old for a mother-son lunch date the other day a friend came in and asked, "How's the book coming?" My heart sank as I admitted I hadn't written in three weeks or so. I write in spurts. I'm currently in the common "This-whole-thing-is-stupid-nobody-is-going-to-want-to-read-it" dry-spell.

My friend chuckled and reminded me that he'd like to read it and encouraged me to finish the book. I had this fleeting thought of the "just finish the race" pep-talk that a youth leader gave me once. The moral of the story was that it didn't matter whether you won or lost, but that you finished the race. I assured my friend that I would finish and let him read it.

So here I am at grandma's house in Olympia taking the kids out of school and enjoying some family time away from home...and new resolve to pick it back up. The weird head-cold fog that hit me full force this morning doesn't help. Or does it? One of my characters could go through some foggy confusion at some point, and I can draw on this feeling for that. Right? Sure!

So my apologies for not blogging sooner.
That is all.


  1. I like the thoughts of just finishing, even if only one person reads it and enjoys the story, then it is worth it.

    I was reading in D&C the other day and came across a verse that said our purpose is to learn and extend our knowledge, since this is what we can take with us.

    I think this is part of just finishing. It may not be for anyone else but you. And you can take it with you.

    PS. I WANT to also read it. It was hooked from the beginning.

  2. I love that. Just finish the race! I'm going to use that for my motto for a while...I can borrow it right?

  3. I totally understand. I tell my self just to focus and finish but I get tired of not making my goals. We will both keep trying. =)


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