Feb 23, 2012

There is Always Enough...

by Kari Diane Pike

The bomb dropped 31 days ago. Not that I'm counting or anything. Well, maybe. Sometimes. Usually. Sigh. On the upside, as each day passes without Doug finding a job, I become more and more aware of the Lord's tender mercies. No matter where I am, He sends me exactly what I need, at the exact time that I need it; even when I had no idea that I needed it. Is that statement any more clear than a bathroom mirror after a hot, steamy shower?

Simple things I used to take for granted, now fill my heart with gratitude. The Lord makes every thing "just enough." As I struggle to make decisions, He sends me just enough "enlightenment" to discern the good from the best. When I feel weak, He sends me just enough strength to carry out my tasks, and avoid temptation. When my child needs a pair of shoes or I run out of milk, I receive just enough resources to fill that need. He sends just enough love to give me hope and peace, and courage to keep going. Sometimes it comes in the sensation of His loving arms around me as I kneel in prayer. At other times, it comes in the form of a tearful smile from someone else I have been able to serve. Now and then, it comes in a loaf of fresh bread baked and delivered by an angel neighbor.

I am also more aware that each time I recognize these gifts, it is because I have chosen to get out of bed, to read my scriptures, to set aside my pride, and to consciously step out of my self and focus on loving and serving. And quite frankly, there are days when it takes everything I have to get out of bed. But it is always enough.

I have enough time to be diligent. I have enough strength to endure. I have enough love to give, and enough courage to face each challenge, each opportunity for growth -- because without those challenges, I cannot grow! I am fascinated by the thought that while I need to be steadfast and immovable, I must not let my heart grow hard. Because I do know that Christ is my Lord and Savior -- that He atoned for my sins and that He lives -- and that He made it possible for me to return to live with Him in the presence of God the Father. Because of that greatest of all gifts, I can be assured that no matter what else happens in this life -- everything is going to be okay. It will all work out. My testimony will be strengthened and my capacity to love and learn will continue to grow. My knowledge and wisdom and compassion will increase through obedience and service. And one day, I will be able to see my Savior face-to-face and know that it is not only enough...but totally worth it.


  1. Amen Keri. You are so right. I too have seen the Lord's mercy in my life and give thanks for that which I used to ignore. So much beauty and love from Him. :)

  2. Very nice post. I am living in these times and looking for tender mercies despite my challenges. It can be difficult and is a good reminder that it is for growth. Thank you!!!!

  3. Beautifully said, Kari. You've got a divine perspective. Elder Maxwell once said there are priceless lessons that can only be learned in the crucible of faith. Thanks for sharing what you've learned. We all get our turn in the crucible, but not everyone faces it with faith as you are. Keeping you in my prayers.

  4. Hang in there. It's been nine months and counting for me. I only hope this time off to go to school will help in the end. But I can promise you HF does indeed help if in no other way than to assure you He cares.

  5. Thanks Terri. A lot of people are telling Doug to expect to be unemployed for for a year to a year and half because of his hefty experience and higher pay scale history. He would just be happy to have a job that pays more than unemployment! But it's tough to get past the HR people and get that interview where he can sell himself. It will work out...I'm just not very patient on some days.

    How is school going, by the way? You are in my prayers...hugs~

  6. A resounding AMEN, especially to your last four sentences.

    Challenges are always, well, challenging, but it's amazing to me how each one of mine have been such perfectly suited training programs for exactly what I need to learn to get closer to being the who I really am, eternally speaking.


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