Feb 15, 2012

I have changed this title 5 times. Nothing fits.

by Kami Cornwall

Sometimes when I'm trying to write I can't help but hear this repetitive tape of completely useless phrases I've heard throughout the week playing in my brain. It's the reason why I'm sometimes self-conscious and definitely the reason I can't get a lot of writing done. Well, that and the kids who keep saying, "Watch this part!" even though I've watched that part two thousand, five hundred and twenty seven times.

Things I've been told this week: "Oh, I remember you from last year. You're the lady with the white skin!" ~ from a receptionist who is also a white person. (Yes, my skin is unusually white...but it makes me laugh when people like to point it out as if I'm unaware.)

"Have you cut your hair?" No, I'm actually growing it out. (Feeling a little self-conscious about my appearance now.)

"Have you heard back about Grad school yet?" This is a little like waiting for a mission call. These will be the longest next few weeks of my life.

"How's the writing coming? Done with that book yet?" Um...no. I thought writing it would take far less time than it has. Does anyone have a cabin in the woods I can sequester myself in for a week or two? Beach-house, maybe? No? Ah well. I'll be here plugging away with my highly reflective skin, strange looking hair and compulsive runs to the mailbox.


  1. Love your post Kami. You had me laughing out loud. Thanks!

    Oh, and I don't have a cabin or a beach house you can borrow to write, but I do have a great balcony off my bedroom that is quiet except when the hound dog next door notices I am sitting there.

  2. I have a near the beach house you can share with me and the dogs anytime giggle.

  3. You're on! I'd love to get away sometime. I've actually considered renting a hotel room in the same city I live just to get away.

  4. Thanks for this post, Kami! We've all experienced this in some way...and you expressed it so well! I have a spare room in the basement...more like a cave than a beach house, though. sigh...but you are welcome anytime! hugs~

  5. Terri, I'm coming over!

    Kami, It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who's consider renting a local hotel room.


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