May 11, 2013

Basketball Quote

by Cindy R. Williams

My family loves basketball. In fact, my husband says that basketball is the Celestial sport. The rest of the Williams' clan either laugh or step away to avoid a possible strike of lightening.

He may have a point though. Check out this quote I wrote.

Basketball is like life. You can be the ball and leave your fate up to others to control, or you can be a player and take control.

Make your choice, are you the ball or the player?


  1. Awesome quote, Cindy! I had to smile because I was going to blog about something along a similar I'm glad I read your post first! You said it so much better!
    way to be the player!

  2. Thanks Kari. I would love to see what your thoughts were for your similar blog. Hope all is well!

  3. Prefer football but get the point!


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