May 22, 2013


by Kami Cornwall

Why is it that as soon as I step into the bathroom I miss an important phone call, a child comes screaming through the front door, or some other catastrophe chooses to occur?

Or that I'm only mildly interested in eating healthier after I've gorged myself on a breakfast of chocolate-coated sugar cubes? (They just sounded so good!)

And why am I at my most productive the day I finally decide to sit down and pay the bills? Man! I get everything done that day! Return phone calls, respond to e-mails, make the house will have to come later. Ahem.

Why does that "productive" day only come maybe once a month for me? maybe we're getting into some sort of weird she-biology thing relating to the cycles of the moon and I am NOT about to go there. NO! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!!!   WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?!?!

Also, I would like to write a note to Mother Nature and ask her to PLEASE make up her mind already! Is it still Winter? Did we jump to Summer already? But no...we went back to Spring again today. It's like she's spinning a giant roulette wheel and we're all standing on the sidelines rubbing our hands together saying, "Let's goooooo Summer! Come on! Come on....lucky number seven!" I don't know. What I DO know is that I haven't planted my seeds yet because I just know that I'm going to be lying out in the sun on my beach towel and sunglasses when she will come sweeping in and cover me in a blanket of snow. Poof! 'Cause she likes to keep us guessing. Thanks, Mother Nature. Awesome.

In other news...the elementary schools are going to be releasing the newest batch of CRAZY kids in a few weeks for summer break. Last year I tried to create a schedule for them. EPIC FAIL. Why try?

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