Jun 23, 2015

Wrestling with Projects

by Marsha Ward

There's not much going on in my life today, except trying not to pull my hair out dealing with too many ideas and just 24 hours in the day.

I am keeping track of the ideas; I have a Designated Idea Journal, shown here both closed and opened:

I also have a page in my monthly planner with all my proposed projects listed. Yes, they're unreadable on purpose. In case I fail to write them all. This year. Or next year. So you won't judge me.

In a recent conversation with a writer friend, she decried the lack of time to get all the books for which she has ideas actually written. During our chat, she added two more ideas!

How many of you are like me with your brains buzzing with ideas for writing projects? What do you do about it? What can I do?


  1. Since I got this new job my writing has been non existent. I miss it. But no creative juices are flowing.

    1. Hang in there, Terri! Sometimes a small change can make a difference. However, the trick is finding that small change to spark creativity. Are you doing enough outside reading? Perhaps you need to join an accountability group. Do you have a project sitting idle, or are you looking for something new? Good luck, good friend!


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