Jan 7, 2016

Rainy Day Blessings

by Kari Diane Pike

I love rainy days. Rainy days slow my world down and give me time to think. I spent my elementary school years in northwestern Montana where we would get rain twenty one days out of thirty in the month of June. I have no idea why I remember that statistic. I do remember whining about the rain back then and asking, "Isn't it ever going to stop raining? Are we ever going to have a day without rain?" It's funny how, after moving to Phoenix as a teenager, it didn't take long before I started asking, "Isn't it ever going to rain?" Go figure.

We've had a long dry spell in Arizona. Flatlanders and Rim people alike would like to see this year's predicted El Nino (how do you add that ~ over the n again?) replenish our depleted reservoirs. I may have flinched before I headed out into the rain at six a.m. today, but you won't find me complaining about three days in a row of glorious, precious, wet stuff falling from the sky. What a blessing! Besides, what better excuse to cozy up in a quilt with a hot cup of herbal tea or hot cocoa and a good book? I might find time to get the rest of my overdue holiday thank you notes written; or even (ahem) the Christmas, errrrr...New Year's...ummm..Valentine's letters out. Because rain makes me think a lot about friends. 

Friends. Mortal angels who act as God's hands and bless my life. Sometimes it comes in the form of a smiley face in my text messages, a phone call to share a happy song, a loaf of fresh bread, a bouquet of flowers, or a hug. And always, always, in the very moment I most need that little bit of extra strength. Friends teach me how to listen more, pay closer attention, and about unconditional love. Thank you for being my friends.

Of course, my very best friend is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Pondering on friends and goals for 2016, I think my number one goal is to become more Christlike and be a better friend. Thank you Rainy Day for giving me time to think. 

Life is magnificent! 


  1. Wow good thing you haven't been around my house. It has rained three solid weeks with maybe a "weak" sunny day. We are sick of rain and want the sun to come out. I have discovered through all this I am definitely a sunshine person. One day in a while is great, three solid weeks....a bit much.

    1. I agree. Three weeks is way too long without sunshine. I'll try to send you some. hugs~


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