Mar 22, 2016

Horror in Brussels

by Terri Wagner

Most of us woke up this morning to a fresh round of terror attacks in Europe. This time in Brussels...and again more than one. The photos sear into my brain. And like most people I cannot comprehend any belief system that would encourage people to commit such atrocities. Three LDS missionaries were wounded in the attack. At the moment that's all we know.

Decades ago in the 1970s when climate change was global cooling, there was an overwhelming end of the world sub culture everywhere. I remember one of the ultimate predictions was that the Lord would call back the missionaries and His attention getters would begin. I tried to imagine a scenario where the world would be in such a state that missionaries (of any religion) would not be able to travel. At times then and in the ensuing years, I would think of many different ideas that would make this occur. I never figured anything out, and with the calls for an increase in missionaries, I stopped thinking about it. 9/11 changed that for a while, but then the calls kept coming, and again, I stopped thinking about it. Now, that wondering is back.

Is it as simple and as horrifying as terrorism? There seems no way to stop it except from a religious perspective. As George Bush said, we have to be lucky every time, they only have to be lucky once. All the defense in the world can't stop a determined person from murder. And whatever their motivation is, it is murder.

Solemn thoughts but it is becoming yet again a solemn time.

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  1. Solemn thoughts indeed...and a solemn time. I have a friend whose home town is Lahore, Pakistan, where another bombing took place this week and killed dozens of children. Fortunately, my friend's family is safe, but oh so much suffering! My heart aches for all those people.


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