Mar 19, 2016

Road Block

Fear is a great road block. It is excellent at stopping progress and holding you back.  Fear and no faith in myself is what got me to give up writing for two years. Its a good thing I got over that. :D But fear of messing it up or writing it wrong are also great road blocks. Sometimes you just have to go for it. I have a story that I love, that it so amazing to me, something I want to see on book store shelves and I have written it wrong twice. WHAT?! yes I know, twice. its maybe a little out of my writing ability right now, but I keep trying, and I keep working on other projects, and I know it will happen just not as fast as I thought it would. 
So I am here to tell you if you are afraid of writing it wrong, its okay. Write it wrong the first time. As soon as its written you will know if you got it right or not, but don't let the fear of writing it wrong stop you! Because if you do, will it ever get written? I know it stopped me and I almost gave up all together. But my dream was bigger and eventually, my dreams pushed the fear aside, and I am doing my best to keep it there.
Don't let fear stop you, don't let it set up a road block. Find a way to push past it or get out of your own head. You can do it! We belive in you. And if you are afraid or find the fear road bock is a little thick for you to break down by yourself, let us ANWA sisters help. We are here for you.


  1. Fear and frustration. They go a long way to keeping us off track.

  2. Great reminder, Cassie! I needed to read this today. thanks!


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