Jun 30, 2016

Battling the B.O.B

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Sign up for the ANWA Time out for Writers Conference:  Check.  Reserve a hotel room:  Check. Convince a poor, unsuspecting writerly friend to join me at said conference: Check. Threaten my family with bodily harm if any of them decides to get sick or die on that weekend: Check. Submit entry for B.O.B.:  Uh...

The entry for the Beginning of Book Contest at the Time out for Writer's Conference is looming.  I have known about this contest for months.  Seriously. Why am I waiting until the last few days to submit them?

You want to know why? Heart-gripping, soul shaking, underwear-wetting fear.  That's why.

The B.O.B is my first official foray into contest submissions, and it scares me.  I read a couple of BOBs I'd been considering for submission to my family last night, and it was horrifying.  I'd never read any of my work out loud to them before. And here I was, reading what I thought was my best stuff, secretly hoping they would love it.

Now I understand why some people will write a book and never truly finish it. Or why there are so many articles about learning to accept rejection letters.  This is a big deal people!

On the upside, I now understand because I've finished my first WIP, and I've graduated to the query letter stage.  Do not get me started on that topic. I'm sure I can get an amen from more than a few of you on that one.

So, to you sisters who are already well-versed in the BOB and other contest submissions, I bow in your general direction.  You rock!  You have nerves of steel. And I wish you all the very best of luck!


  1. Not easy eh? But well worth it. Good luck on the query letter

    1. Thanks. This has all been quite the learning experience. I'm sure (I hope) it will get better. But the first time is always scary for me. Then it's like opening up the floodgates. Watch out! :)

  2. Good for you! I understand those feelings. I entered B.O.B. last year. It will be awhile before I enter it again, but I will enter again. Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks. I'm learning volumes with each foray into the unknown. But I seem to flail around like a chicken with it's head cut off until I get the hang of things.


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