Sep 20, 2016

What Team Work Looks Like

by Terri Wagner

As most of you know, I am not only just alumni but a huge fan of the Crimson Tide, number one in the nation at the moment. This year we have a LOT of freshmen and sophomore on the "A" team. Even our quarterback is straight out of high school. Usually that means....a rebuilding year. While we are #1, that could change week to week as this year's college football plays out. What stunned me this past week was the epitome of teamwork. We were down by 21 points at one point, ahead by 18 at one point and ended up winning 48-43. To say neither team gave up doesn't come close to what I saw. At first, down all those points, I thought well youth and inexperience are once again going to lose out to season and experience. I reassured myself that while we might struggle a bit, next year this talent coupled with experience was going to give us one of those dream teams...the kind that win a national championship with a perfect season. As we began to shoot ahead, I was thrilled. On pins and needles as we seesawed back and forth. There were so many exciting moments with a few really bad ref calls. That's not just a fan talking lol, even the announcers were like "what...." Two of or TDs came from the defensive side. The one moment that just stays in mind though was teamework of the first class.

A lumbering defensive lineman barely looks up from a play to find the ball falls literally in his hands. He cradles it and starts down the field. His team members surround him. He appears to run out of gas, linemen aren't quick and fast running backs, but is almost pushed over the goal line by his teammates while adding to the drama, an Ole Miss offensive lineman tries to prevent the inevitable. Watch this play and let it remind you of just how important the people surrounding and cheering us on will actually and literally push us to meet that goal. And enjoy! Thank you Mr. Allen

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  1. Great analogy, Terri! I love your enthusiasm for the Crimson Tide. My son-in-law's family are big fans, too. I also love the support I have found from sister writers like yourself. When my book gets published it will be because of that support I get from friend's like yourself. hugs~


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