May 16, 2017

What is it about Facebook?

by Terri Wagner

So many published writers I know tell you that you need a website, a twitter account, a blog, and of course be on FB. I have often wondered what the benes are for being on FB for actually writing your novel. I see the bene for promoting and marketing your book, but writing it?

Since I love research, I went looking for the benes on having FB as part of your writing experience. Here's what I found. Hope it gives you some ideas on how to utilize FB to your advantage as a writer. Five Ways That Social Media Benefits Writing and Language author Tenore believes that social media can help you be a better writer. My favorite of Tenore's suggestions is setting yourself apart by writing your comments well. Hones your ability to write well in a larger context like a book.

Shahabi suggests that it gives the readers an "in" with their favorite author, prompting an exchange of ideas and even suggestions on where to take the characters or storyline. I particularly like that idea since I know that several early authors of the Star Wars Expanded Universe worked together and the movies coming out now include some of those Expanded Universe characters and plotlines on minor characters.

Pew Research has concluded that all the writing we do on social media can still help us in formal writing. Good news. Teachers feel that while informal writing "creeps" into formal writing, it's an opportunity to teach students about the difference between formal and informal writing, as well as clarifying what constitutes plagiarism.

I remember many years ago that President Kimball encouraged us to keep journals using formal language. Bottom line is that everyone seems to agree that writing takes practice and the more practice the better so sharpen your tools by submitting those Facebook posts and comments. It's a good thing.

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