Jul 25, 2017

Where's Cesar Milan?

by Terri Wagner

It started yesterday. And I am perplexed and worried. I have a roommate who has a chow/golden mix. Sandy is beautiful but her temperament is definitely that of a chow. My roommate has been extremely reluctant to socialize Sandy to other dogs because she is an alpha dog with snarling tendencies towards other dogs. With people, she's sweet as can be. Debbie had to up her move in time because her house is being fixed up to sell. After all what was the point in two of us paying bills separately when we could share the expenses.

So Sandy came to live with Daisy my lab mix. Daisy has a goofy temperament. She is not alpha, but does not take much. She won't start anything, but she would never back down. The problem is my Daisy is now around 14 years old, and has a slow growing cancer. My vet told me old age might "get" her before the cancer. Not comforting odds there.

First few weeks have been ok. Sandy is an escape artist so Debbie had been barricading her in the bedroom while we work. Apparently Sandy is a camel when it comes to needing to use the bathroom lol. Daisy is more like me. So we have to leave the doggie door open. At first, the two circled around each other, and seemed to be settling down.

However, last night, Sandy snarled at Daisy, then tried to clamp down on Daisy. Fortunately I saw it, so did Debbie, and we immediately handled the situation. Later, Sandy barked, and we heard Daisy leaving through the doggie door. I was worried about her so I hunted her up in the yard, and got Daisy back in the house. As Daisy came in the door, Sandy tried to snarl her off again.

I realize it's a jockeying for the pecking order, but I'm a bit sensitive about Daisy due to her age and health condition. She should be able to live out her time as sweetly and peacefully as can be. She has lost her "Pa" her Kota and Jasper all in less than six months. I need Cesar. We have to succeed in bringing Sandy to a happy place with other dogs. Daisy won't be my last furry companion on the planet. Anyone got any ideas????
Daisy and her BFF Kota.


  1. Terri, I wish you could get Cesar Milan to help your roommate out. Otherwise, you may need to send Sandy packing!

  2. Tough situation. I'm sorry. I wish I had answers. hugs~


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