Mar 28, 2007


By Debbie Reeves

I posted some information about AAMPS on ANWA some time ago and thought I’d mention it here as well.

AAMPS, Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios, is a fairly new company founded by Chief Creative Officer, Kieth Merrill. Brother Merrill directed the movie Winter Hawk (one of many movies) back in the 1980’s (I think it was the ‘80’s). I remember the movie well because my mother-in-law, my three sisters -in-laws and myself went to see it at least four times. We loved it and I have the DVD now.

AAMPS was started so that family friendly movies can be produced in an era where is isn’t so popular in Hollywood. Movies ideas are submitted by members and rated by members. I’m a member and I am very excited to see new ideas posted. In fact, the members are included in every phase of the movie making process.

I recently submitted my novel, Lakota Moon. I hope to see it posted soon so that members can rate it. If I get a high enough rating, it goes on to the next phase. If it continues to be highly rated, AAMPS will make it into a movie. I can’t tell you how excited I am! What a blessing to find this wonderful company willing to give the little guy (me and you) a chance to shine.

Don’t think you have to have a finished book to submit. Even ideas are accepted. Also, because it’s such a new company, they are hungry for submissions. Some members have even submitted animated submissions. I’m very impressed with what’s been submitted so far. There is so much talent out there just waiting for a chance to be seen and heard.

The reason I’m plugging AAMPS is to help all of you writers out there to have an opportunity to see your work made into a movie. The book doesn’t have to previously published. Like I said, it can be just an idea.

I also want to see AAMPS succeed. We need a movie company like AAMPS who will listen to us, the moviegoers, and produce good, family films we can be proud to watch.

Don’t just take my word for it. J Go to their Website and take a look. It won’t cost you anything to check them out. Even Sheri Dew endorses AAMPS!

Go to: They are offering a 7-day free membership when you register. When I joined I had to pay the membership all at once. Now they are offering membership in easy monthly payments. You even get 6 free DVD’s! Wow, what a great deal.

It would be wonderful to see some of your books submitted on AAMPS. I hope all of you will at least check them out. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for all of us to be in on this new company.

See you at the movies!


  1. Debbie,
    I considered joining AAMPS when they first sent out the announcements...but having just started a business, the funds were not available for that purpose. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for so many areas of the writing world...and especially for showing the world that great films and stories don't have to be "R" rated. Thanks for sharing your information!

  2. I glanced at a word or two, but didn't read any farther. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the boot in the rear.

  3. Debbie,

    Through the continued support of members such as yourself Audience Alliance is now open for all to view.

    We get new content up each week with behind the scene footage of Broken Hill, a movie in post-production.

    Come and check it out

    Audience Alliance
    Motion Picture Studios


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