Mar 14, 2007

Yikes, I forgot to blog!

I forgot all about my last blog! Sorry, everyone. Life has been a bit hectic. My 18-year-old nephew was on death's door, but Heavenly Father has blessed him again. He has CF and weighed only 80 pounds when he was admitted into the hospital. He's been in the hospital for most of the winter and has had 3 operations (this winter). The last one (last week) was the last chance for him. If it didn't work, he wouldn't be able to have a lung transplant when he gains weight. Praise God for the doctor who performs the lung transplant heard about Robert and offered to perform the surgery. When he opened Robert( sounds gruesome, I know), he found that Robert's lung was twisted. Hopefuly, Robert can now mend (plus he had a g-tube inserted in his stomach so he can be fed through the tube).

Robert told my mom last week that the only way for him to go was up. He'd hit rock bottom and now was on his way up! I was amazed at his words and very proud of him.

It's funny that I could see the Lord blessing my parents and nephew through these past months and couldn't see the blessings I was given. It's made me look long and hard at myself and how Heavenly Father has blessed me. I guess I get to feeling sorry for myself and forget to stop and ponder what is important in my life.

So, stop and smell the roses, guys. LOL~ when they bloom anyway!



  1. I wish the best for your nephew. What an incredible ordeal.

  2. We are sending our prayers for your nephew. What a miracle that he got the help he needed. I love miracles.


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