Mar 6, 2007

Beautiful Day

by Terri Wagner

Had to go to the dentist first. Good report, teeth still there, still doing their job. Everyone in the office commented on what an outstandingly beautiful day it is. The sun is shining; it's about 67 degrees; and the wind is just cool enough to keep the sunshine from being too hot. We all agreed being in the office was punishment on a day like today; and just why can't we have this kind of weather ALL the time. They apologized for having to send me back to an office and suggested I just take the rest of the day off. Too tempting for words.

As I drove back to the office (a trip of only 10 minutes, unfortunately), I keep sighing, knowing that I wanted to be outside instead of inside. I'm lucky. I work for people who allow you to work outside if you want too. However, as a technical writer, that would be difficult since I don't have the laptop. There's only one and the editor gets it most of the time.

Why does Heavenly Father suddenly give us such perfect days? I've often wondered, is it a foretaste of heaven? A reminder that He has given us such a beautiful planet? It's hard to believe life is anything but wonderful on a day like today. Maybe that's its purpose. All I know is I got back to the office way too fast. And I intend to enjoy the evening hours since I get off at 4 central time.

Pop Quiz: Which statements are technical and which are poetic (or not, depending on your definition of poetic)?

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  1. Interesting posting, Terri, and though my brain was too tired to examine each sentence, I did spend long enough to realize that a really good narrative depends on both kinds of writing. Or, maybe just a really good mystery. You've got to have those facts, ma'am, too.


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