Mar 20, 2007

Sometimes Words Fail You

by Terri Wagner

Recently, I had the chance to fast with my niece who is taking the discussions and wants to be a member but has some issues that need to be resolved first. We had a conflict in the family over what should be her next baby steps to resolve said issues. I invited her to fast with me. She did it. And words fail me to express the many, many benefits that fast brought.

What struck me first was the wonderful sense of peace I received right away. Second, I was awed by how perfectly and gently and encouragingly Heavenly Father handled the situation, bringing each of us to the same conclusion, howbeit in different ways.

When my niece and I ended our fast with a prayer, I looked into her eyes and for the first time caught a glimspe of her spirit. I have had that privilege a few times with myself, as if somehow the body/physical world faded and I "saw" the spirit within. Those times are precious and fleeting.

Later that night, I reflected on just how much the gospel has come to mean to me. As a convert, I have struggled with so many of the principles. I believe my testmony building has been at times an exciting adventure but more times a long climb up a steep hill. And there are many issues I have simply chosen to put, as they say, on the stove and let it simmer, hoping someday I'll understand them.

What a choice privilege it is to be a member of the church. And how grateful I am that at the young age of 17, I made the decision to join. I live for these kind of moments. And it is at these times, I wish I was more poetic than prosaic in writing. I envy you who can turn a phase, touch with a poem or bring tears of either happiness or sadness to someone. Me? I can but merely explain in practical terms what has happened, hoping the feelings behind the words will be enough to witness what I am by nature unable to write. It is in these times, that words truly fail me.


  1. On this subject, I think your prosaic writing is more powerful than something dripping with poetic terms. You touched my heart and made me understand. I would not say that words failed you at all.

  2. There's nothing fancy about the strenth of the spirit, nor should there be fancy words to describe it. I am a convert as well and your post took me to the core of why I'm here today - the recognition of the love of our Heavenly Father.

    Great post!

  3. That was a great post. Your words were very touching to me and I can feel your empathy towards your neice. It's always great to read your testimony too!


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