Apr 1, 2007

From April Fool to highest value

by Anna Arnett

I missed my turn to blog again yesterday, so I’m taking advantage of April Fool’s Day to write a tad about tricking others. My early ‘off the cuff’ hoaxes usually fell flat. I remember three quarters of a century ago putting salt in the sugar bowl. Instead of laughing, Daddy gave me a good scolding—after he finished spluttering over his ruined dish of oatmeal.

April (or All) Fools Day may be lighthearted and fun, but how did it get started? I went to Wikipedia for suggestions. Nobody seems to know. All explanations are flawed. Some say it developed when the Georgian calendar changed New Years from spring to January 1st. Others suggest it was merely a matter of spring fever. But do we have to know to enjoy? Now, that’s a moot question.

My plentiful experience deepens my belief that we enjoy on different levels. A child laughs because his parents laugh. He may not know why, but he truly knows the joy of joining. It’s always sad to learn about children who do not know the deep joy of family. When all is said and done, family joys are usually the most lasting. Forgive me if I now boast a little.

Last week, in Newport Beach, CA, we participated in the creating of a new, eternal family. Our grandson, Greg Ethington, a six foot eight inch athlete, married Brittney Whitworth, five foot seven and also athletic. Greg’s grandparents, parents and all eighteen of their descendants, several uncles, aunts, cousins and friends convoyed to California for the wedding. Brittney had even more relatives and friends there. Her whole family, including her three living grandparents were absolutely delightful, and I soon felt we were old friends. In the two full days we were there, I never heard even one cross word. (Yes, I know my hearing is bad.) It was as pleasant as an ANWA convention.

Best of all, Greg is the fourteenth grandchild my husband has had the privilege of marrying. Greg’s also the fourteenth grandchild to marry. We have fifteen more to go, but who knows when or where. We really do count our blessings. We returned home worn out, but happy.

(Notice, this is one of my short entries)


  1. Oh Anna!
    Congratulations! The joy of family is the most wonderful and the most lasting! I think it is wonderful to hear your family is doing so well.
    Our 14 year old daughter had a slumber party a couple of weeks ago. One of the girls was surprised that I woke them up at 7:30 for breakfast. She was amazed to find out that we eat breakfast and dinner together as a family nearly every day. She thought it was cool and didn't mind so much about getting rousted out of bed early. The experience opened the way for a seed to be planted. I love watching how the Lord makes all things possible!

  2. Anna--
    I composed my posting yesterday and left it as a draft, and when I went to post it today, proclaiming I had written it on Palm Sunday, it posted as Saturday! So I guess we exchanged places. That was April Fool on me, and a learning experience, too. Make the draft in Word and leave it on the hard drive.

    Loved your posting. I particularly loved your paragraph about children learning about family. The one short sentence 'A child laugh because his parents laugh' is such a wise observation.
    I joy with you in the experience of seeing your gandson marry in the temple. He's so lucky to have you as his grandmother.


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