Apr 17, 2007

Thoughts, Prayers, and Looking for Answers

by Terri Wagner

I'm sure we are all full of thoughts and prayers for those who lost their loved ones at VA Tech and for those whose loved ones are injured.

I cannot even begin to imagine how the family of the killer feels. Senseless death disturbs me on my most basic level. I guess because it is so senseless. So unnecessary, so horrifying, so unacceptable. And I wonder for just a brief moment how HF will judge such a child.

I am reminded of what President Kimball said in the RS lesson I gave Sunday found in Chapter 8 of the manual. That people will seek for dramatic answers to the horrors of the world, but not the church. That our perspective and understanding of the gospel gives us a clearer vision of what can be done.

So I find myself wondering what small gesture can I give that will help? I know prayer helps. In the very least it comforts me. And I wonder what can I do, what can I give, what small gesture of support can I offer?

I am determined to find an answer to this because I have a sure knowledge that such events will continue (I am deeply sorry to have to say) but I have been given instruction by a prophet of the Lord. And I must find a way to follow it. Any ideas?


  1. Hmmm...good question, Terri. I had to think about it for a bit.
    Okay, you could fly to Virginia and volunteer your sevices at the Red Cross, or counseling centers, etc. The Red Cross is involved in these situations and a donation to them, stating the disaster the money is meant for, is always welcome. You can donate to your local Red Cross and ask them to pass it on, or you can send it to Virginia yourself.

    Now, the next thought I had concerned the ways we can help indirectly at home. I know my own children have been affected by watching the news and they have a lot of questions. We need to talk to our famililies. My neighbor is terrified. I think it is important to share our testimonies and the knowledge and understanding we have with others, so that they can be given the hope the gospel message brings to us. I think this is one of those opportunities we have to use our talents and not be compelled in all things.

  2. I think you gave the answer yourself, when you said you can pray for these people. I think we don't realize how mighty is heartfelt, nothing-wavering prayer. Beyond that--a letter to the editor of the local paper, maybe, just to say 'I'm grieving for you; I'm praying for you.'


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