Apr 8, 2007

He is Risen!

by Marsha Ward

Today is Easter, the day on which Christians celebrate the transcendent event of the whole history of the world, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our Savior and Redeemer was crucified, then rose from the dead, immortal and glorified, the first fruits of them that slept. In our church services, we sang and spoke of this event. We had a choir, made up half of local people and half of grandchildren of one of our church members. What a wonderful experience we had!

I came home from church, buoyed by the church service, and ready for another week of toil. As I drove through the mobile home park where I live, I noticed that a lot of the 'flatlanders' who have places up here had arrived for the weekend. However, it was pretty evident that most of them weren't seeking a hallowed place for worshipping and celebrating. Instead, they were doing yard work.

Yard work?

On this lovely spring day, I choose instead to remember and be thankful that, as the children's song says, "Did Jesus really live again after he had died? Oh yes! And so shall I!"

1 comment:

  1. He is risen, indeed. I love those three little words.

    As I drove to church at mid-day I passed several congregations getting out of their Easter services, and I felt a connection with each of them, for today we all celebrate the risen Lord.


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