Jul 28, 2007

Tag Game - Terry Deighton

I apologize to Terry Deighton that I didn't get this post up last Saturday. When I came home from the Retreat, I took a nap, and awoke too late. ~Marsha

Not Entirely British
Marcia Mickelson
Writer in the Pines
ANWA Founder and Friends (Marsha)
ANWA Founder and Friends (Liz)

Here are my responses.

What were you doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago, I was getting up out of chairs more quickly without having my knees creak. Ten years ago, my oldest child graduated from high school. This year, the youngest graduated. Ten years ago, I was substitute teaching. I still am.

What were you doing one year ago?
A year ago was about the same as now. Subbing during the school year and writing, not cleaning, and hanging out with my kids during the summer. The difference is that my husband went back to work, so he's not here to hang out with this summer.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Cookies
2. Apples
3. Candy
4. Nuts
5. Chocolate covered anything

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:
1. I Am a Child of God
2. Called to Serve
3. Five Little Speckled Frogs
4. Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree
5. Happy Birthday to You

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Quit working
2. Start a Soup Kitchen
3. Hire someone to finish all the stuff we haven't finished in our house
4. Buy a piece of land and house off the highway
5. Share with the kids

Five bad habits:
1. Being a smart aleck
2. Staying up late
3. Procrastinating everything
4. Being late
5. Blaming other people for my problems

Five things you like to do:
1. Read
2. Write
3. Cook but not clean up
4. Sit around a campfire
5. Go boating

Things you will never wear again:
1. Certain yellow/green colors that turn my face green
2. a wedding dress
3. panty hose - trouser socks rock!
4. a girdle
5. High heels, but I never have worn them

Five favorite toys:
1. Computer
2. Sudoku handheld
3. Laptop
4. Cardmaking supplies
5. Scrabble

Where will I be in ten years?
In Sedro Woolley hopefully playing with the grandchildren that will be born between now and then. Also, with hope, I won't be working, so I can work on family history, read, and write.

People to tag:
Katie Watters
Ann Acton


  1. Do tags just go in anywhere, anytime? I think they're fun and very interesting. I can identify with a surprising number.

  2. Well, I meant to comment on you,Terry. It's such fun to get an insight into how you stack up. Good! You seem to have my same allergic reaction to cleaning. Would like to teach me "Five Little Speckled Frogs"? I gave away the huge supply of cardmaking stuff when I found I simply couldn't center an inked stamp, but the idea still intrigues me, I have no idea where or what I'll be in ten years, and I'm not sure I want to know. I'm at the age where a one-year goal seems optomistic. Otherwise, it's amazing how much of your stuff I echo. Loved reading it. I've stopped subbing, except at the temple, but subbing at school was fun while it lasted. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Being a grandparent the best reward for having children!!! It will be a great place for you to be ten years from now!!!

    I love making cards...and I probably have enough supplies to send cards to the entire RS population! (j/k) Now if I could just find time to use all that great stuff!


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