Jul 1, 2007


by Marsha Ward

I learned something new in Sunday School today. We discussed the parable of the talents, and our teacher pointed out that the men had been given the talents for a short period of time until the lord came again, and they would present them back to him at that time.

So it is with the talents the Lord has given us. He will come again and ask us how we did with His talents.

His talents.

They are on loan to us, to increase them during our stay on earth. If we do our very best with them, we will be called good and faithful servants, and receive all that He has to give.

That puts things in a new light for me. I've always recognized that talents come from God, but I've never before made the link that they are still His, that they are in my keeping only for a short period of time. Wow!

I'm glad I'm still learning lessons at my stage of life. I hope we all can.


  1. That's a new thought for me, too, Marsha. I admire the way you presented the concept, then left it for us to stew over, to come up with examples and proof, and to moralize from now on. Which I just might do. Like a dog with a fresh bone, or a puppy with a new slipper.

  2. Interesting insight, Marsha. I've never thought of it that way, either!

  3. Nor I. It puts a new light on one of the aims I've heard expressed about ANWA, which is to take the talent for writing that we have, hone it, then put it to use in bettering the world.

  4. Marsha!
    Thank you for being my angel yesterday! I have been looking for a way to reach my daughter and the way she perceives her talents. She is 14 and has been given a beautiful singing voice, but doesn't like to sing in front of people. I shared your epiphany at dinner while the missionaries were here. Brittany dropped her head down and sighed heavily. Then she covered her face with her hands and said, "Ohhh, but I dont like getting up in front of everyone and sing." But when she looked up, the light was in her eyes...she totally got it, Marsha! Thank you!!! I have been trying to help her appreciate her gift. I have benefitted from the message as well...thank you, thank you , thank you... I love you!!!


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