Nov 1, 2007

Happy Halloween/Christmas/Thanksgiving?

by Heather Horrocks

The seasons are all mixed up -- at least the seasonal holidays are.

This morning I got a worried call from my husband asking me to go help his father, who had locked his keys in his car and now could not get into either his car or his house.

When I started driving toward my husband's work (to get his copy of the house key to deliver to his father), I was amazed to hear Christmas music on two local stations (97.5 and 106.5). Hey, guys, it’s only November 1st. It's not anywhere near the day after Thanksgiving. It's only the day after Halloween.

It just didn't seem right. Now don't get me wrong. I love Christmas music. I love to listen to it the entire month of December and even earlier. It's a wonderful tradition for me to pull out our Christmas music and start listening on Thanksgiving, and listen to my family pretend to complain about it (though I know they enjoy it, too).

I do have to confess that, after professing outrage, I went home and pulled out two new Christmas CDs I purchased last year. I figured if I was going to listen to Christmas music, I'd preview the music I bought. (It was fun.) But then I turned it off and went back to my regular fare. It's just too darn early.

In this social climate of Winter Festivals being the politically polite way to keep from saying Merry Christmas, I'm glad there is still music to listen to that proclaims my Lord, Jesus Christ. I did enjoy that aspect.

Whether you start listening to Christmas music now or later, I'm glad we have it to listen to.
I hope you had a fun Halloween. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family on Thanksgiving. And I hope you all have a great Christmas season.

And, if you’re like our family, you might like to add a new Thanksgiving tradition to your list: have a Pie Party on Thanksgiving Eve. It’s turned into a big thing at our house, with neighbors and family dropping in all evening to eat pie and visit. (We figure we’re too full on Thanksgiving Day to fully enjoy the pies, so we do the party the night before.) It’s been a fun tradition, too.

So ... Merry ThanksgivingChristmasThanksgivingNewYears to you, too. I especially hope we all keep our seasons straight.


  1. Thanks for the post. I especially liked the idea of a pie party the evening before Thanksgiving. My husband says I'm envious becuse I want to do whatever anybody else is doing (or go where they've gone) but I insist I just know a good example when I see it, and emulate. After all, to copy is the highest praise.

  2. A pie party! What a wonderful idea!!!

    They're already playing Christmas music on 97.5? I'll have to check that out! (It's the only time I listen to that station. The rest of the time, it's KBAQ or 1230 AM (the "oldies" station...when did "my" songs become "oldies?!!).

  3. gotta love the pie party idea. We had a family in the ward start a tradition of inviting everyone to bring their turkey's the night before and bake them overnight in a coal pit. Everyone made a party of it and did a potluck at the same time. Or they did until a disgruntled (translated...uninvited)neighbor called the fire department and reported a fire in the neighborhood. Yep...they hosed down the pit and said it was illegal...sigh...that ended that...we had to dig up the turkey's and take 'em home to bake.


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