Nov 20, 2007

When Upon Life's Billows

By Betsy Love

And there have certainly been a few of those yesterday. We have had billows of smoke and flame shooting heavenward as our chapel literally burned to the ground. I followed the story all morning, until I finally had to leave for work. Later that evening as I crawled into bed and picked up my journal and wrote about the day’s events, I came to the part of my journal I never forget: Things I am grateful for.

  • For a Heavenly Father who has such merciful love for all his children that he allows trying things to happen to us to teach us love, patience, tolerance, and all those things that build us and strengthen us.
  • For friends at work who commiserated with me in my sadness over losing our beautiful chapel. For one friend in particular who said, “Don’t you think that angels kept the steeple from falling over?” She’s not even a member. I am thankful for her beautiful insight.
  • For a family whose first thoughts were, “I wonder which building we’ll go to until they rebuild ours.” Is that faith or what?
  • For the safety of my children who attended the stake fireside the evening before. Isn’t it ironic or coincidental that they would hold a fireside the night it went up in flames? Too bad they hadn’t thought to bring marshmallows.
  • For the gospel of Jesus Christ which allows me to share my love of my church and my testimony with those who have so many questions now about why God would allow one of His buildings to burn.
  • For all of you, my dear friends, who read my blogs and ramblings and are always so kind and sweet with your words.

For all my blessings, of which these are only a few…I am truly thankful!


  1. A loss or a tragedy is usually difficult, and sometimes devastating. So far, I've been able to eventually find something good about, or coming from, that which I did not want.

    I'm reminded of Corrie ten Boom and her sister Betsy who gave thanks in their prayers for the fleas in their sleeping area of the concentration camp in Germany--even before they discovered the blessing they brought. The fleas were hard to put up with, but they kept the German women guards away, so these sisters and other prisoners could have nightly Bible study.

    When things get bad, it really is helpful to count our blessings. I enjoyed yours.

  2. Oh Betsy.....What an awful thing. It happened to us too in Alabama and it was just frustrating to stand and watch our beautiful chapel burn down and not be able to do anything about it. It is so devastating. But now we have a new one rebuilt and we love it.

  3. I am thankful for you, Betsy, and I enjoy reading your "blogs and ramblings." I felt horrible when I heard about your building burning. I love seeing the blessings that grow from those hardships. I wonder just how many others will enjoy the blessings of the gospel as a result of that fire because of the questions they are asking. Amazing!

  4. I saw the tv spot with Joan's interview, but I didn't realize it was your building, too, Betsy. I'm so sorry about this loss to your ward. Your posting, and especially at Thanksgiving, was very insightful.


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