Nov 7, 2007

Mind over Matter?

What does a gal write about when her mind feels blank? A web log seems to be set up to talk about whatever manifests itself as most important at the time of posting. So, what's most important to me right now, after a three-hour unscheduled nap just might have dulled my brain forever? I can't imagine, but I can at least try.

Today I lunched with the two women I taught with for around a decade and a half. We get together three times a year -- have done since we retired. Ostensibly, it's to celebrate our birthdays, and this was mine; only two months, one week and a day late. Not bad. We aren't always in town together, but where there's a will, there's a way (to quote a cliche older than I am). I feel fortunate, since both these friends are widowed. We ate at the Home Town Buffet, and I 'pigged out'. Perhaps that's the real reason for the briain shut-down.

We laughed again at the time we stood, still conversing, outside The Olive Garden when a cab pulled up. The cabbie rolled down the window and in a rather thick Brooklyn accent, asked, "Could you ladies help me?" Of course, we love to help. Why else would we have become teachers? We stepped forward, crowding around him as he gestured toward the open street guide resting on his steering wheel. Desperately, he pleaded, "Do you spell 'Juanita' with an 'H' or a 'W'?"

(So much for trying! I've already deleted the rest of the boring recital. Somehow, my thoughts lack the passion I need. I even stopped and wolfed down four Halloween-sized Hershey bars, but so far they haven't helped. Maybe talking about the books I'm currently reading, will arouse me. Okay, Anna, keep tring.)

A granddaughter ordered some books online and found she could get one more for practically no more cost, so she added "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". When it came, she loaned it to her dad, who read it and brought it to me. Interesting to read, so far. I've also watched the DVR of, and am now reading, "The Secret", and these two books compliment each other amazingly. Both stress that our thoughts are the most powerful tool we can ever own, and that good thoughts attract good happenings. Who knows? Could this mean that my life has been so 'easy' because I've always expected it to be?

Right now, the easiest thing I can think to do is to go to bed. Goodnight.


  1. Anna, I have always admired your optimism. I am positive that it has everything to do with your life being "easy." I am just completing a course on Adult developmental Psychology. One of the requirements was to interview someone older than myself about their life and ask about their most memorable moments and whether they felt life was good or bad or in between at the time. Even though the optimist had just as many challenges as the pessimist, his responses were that life was good. The pessimist had extreme responses...high highs and low lows...and everything was looked at as "hard." Interesting.

  2. Thanks, Kari. I know yesterday should have been great, but for some reason I lost some of my optimism. I'm much happier today. It's not hard to be happy, but there are days when it takes determination.

  3. Anna, you had a good case of post-prandial somnolence, exacerbated by Hershey's chocolate -- a major brain drain. I agree with Kari - what a wonderful optimism you bring to us. I haven't gone for "the Secret" yet - do you recommend it?

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  5. Anna,

    I just got around to reading your always delightful blog. Brain drain or not, this one was delightful, too. I laughed and laughed at the "Do you spell Juanita with a Y or a W?" experience!

    I hope you got a good night's sleep. :-)


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