Jan 29, 2008

Written January 1, but posted really late!

by Betsy Love

Happy New Year
I’m in the middle of Texas…open ranges, sage brush, wild mistletoe and plenty of road- kill. It’s New Year’s Day, and I’d much rather sleep off last night’s celebration in the comfort of my bed. Still, the trade off missing my bed is worth the journey.
We’ve spent the last week visiting with my daughter in a little town south of Houston close to the gulf. One of the significant events of the week was going to the beach. While it’s too cold this time of year to get in the water, the day proved to be the warmest one of the trip. The children dug for clams, which constantly seemed to elude them; they waded as the waves chased their toes, and snapped photos of each other. One such picture was of my daughter who stood gazing out to sea. I framed her so that she stood to one side and the vastness of blue filled most of the screen. With the camera tilted the effect created a sense of wonder at our nothingness next to something so huge it’s hard to imagine. I’ve often stood along the shoreline and thought those same thoughts.

Each time I do I can’t help but think of my Father in Heaven who knows me, in spite of the magnificence of His earth. When we drove through Houston this morning, and then through San Antonio, which are much larger than the cities I’ve ever lived in, I once again thought about the individuals living there and again thought about how much my Heavenly Father loves me. When I looked at the various neighborhoods and houses of all sizes, I couldn’t help but be awed knowing that behind the curtains someone else is loved too.
I hope that this New Year brings each of you closer to our Lord and Savior as you think about your relationship with Him.

(I won't go into my woes about why I didn't post this on Jan. 1. Suffice it to say that my computer crashed and burned. Fortunatly I was able to pull this off the hard drive along with the rest of my precious documents.)


  1. Wow, Betsy, that's an awesome photo! You can almost see the curvature of the earth on the horizon.

    Thanks for your New year's Day observations.

  2. Betsy I love the photo and the words that go with it. I am so happy that you were able to retrieve your precious documents. I am always very paranoid about that. I print off copies of everything and it makes some people crazy. I don't care. Besides there is something wonderful about holding in your hands things you have written.

  3. I sleep much better ever since I got an external hard drive that automatically backs everything on my computer up every day. It's saved the day for me more than once.
    I love your picture. Great photography.


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