Jan 1, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Hello, Gentle Readers. We've enjoyed your association so much during the last year. Now a new one is upon us, and a few changes have been made in our list of contributors.

We're saying goodbye to Donna Hatch and Valerie Steimle. They've been great bloggers, and have shared insightful posts with us all. We thank them for their service.

Now we have four new members of our blogging team: Kristine John, Christine Thackeray, Rebecca Talley, and Margaret Turley. This brings our team up to fourteen, and yes, we'll be blogging seven days a week.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful New Year, and I know I can speak for the team in saying we hope yours will be awesome!

Marsha Ward
ANWA Founder


  1. I, too, am looking forward to an awesome new year, Marsha. We'll miss Donna and Valerie, but are eagerly looking forwrd to Kristine, Christine, Rebecca and Margaret. Welcome aboard. It's quite an adventure.

  2. I'm sad to be losing Donna and Valerie, too, but excited to see what our wonderful new bloggers will be adding to the mix!

  3. It's exciting to have a full compliment of bloggers. Should have lots of fun posts. We salute you, our fearless leader!


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